Streamate Traffic


Streamate claims, in their FAQ:

“We provide all of the traffic, advertising and marketing for you. Just make sure your photo and description are set up the way you want them, and members will come to you! Remember to fill out all the details in your profile so that you will show up in searches made by our members.”

So, where is all the traffic? It looks to be directed at certain girls who are promoted on high-traffic sites (a simple search for internet stats, such as those seen on Alexa, shows Streamate has long been declining in traffic). I’m not so quick to believe that, looking around in certain rooms.

 Why is it that the only traffic I am seeing are those that have me on their favorites list?


Hard not to think that when I see models with anywhere between 40 and 200 members in their room, just mouse-clicks away from me in the listings.  Yet here I am, in the single digits. The other day, for example, I signed in and had a bunch of members. All stayed, chatted, had a jolly old time. A few private shows later and suddenly, when I got the guest room back, one member came in, then he’d leave (for whatever reason). 2 members entered, one left. Two more, both left. Always just one member in my room. It seemed that they were getting booted out. This is not normal behavior for a site that just minutes ago, was able to handle a bunch of members at once. Suddenly, everyone’s getting booted out. Perhaps I could sustain 200 members, too, if only they were  allowed to stay in!

In the two weeks around the Christmas holiday, traffic in my room was great. Traffic in other rooms were great. All of a sudden, the traffic decline that I’d seen just prior to this 2 week period, returned. Why, for 2 weeks, at the very worst time of year, do I see an increase in traffic to my room, and now, back to decline again?

What the hell is going on here?