Employee Status? Not Legally!

Without employer status, the sites do not have the legal right to control the performers. Where or when they work, how long they stay on, how much they charge, etc., is solely up to the performer.

One has to assume some control is being taken to ensure production on the front lines. The sites’ contracts and Terms Of Service alone speak volumes about control. One would be delusional to assume their hunger for power stops there. The bottomline is all that matters. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the struggles of any little camgirl, even though she is doing her part to contribute to the wealth of the almighty industry pimps.

So, how is this being accomplished? With their dire need to control everyone and everything in this industry, how are those orders being given to the performers? Not legally. That’s a given. One fine example rests in the threads of a popular industry forum. Those threads are easy to spot because it’s always the same people in there, giving the same ‘advice’ to others about where to sign up, how many hours to work, what to charge, etc. While they maintain that there isn’t necessarily a one-size fits all solution for the masses and contrary to that effort to be somewhat believable, their guide points to a path that seems to coincide well with what is most beneficial to the sites. They, in their claims to be real camgirls, are quick to defend the sites, especially with integrity in question or when real suspicion arises. It makes sense, if you have that freedom and capability, to do what is necessary to preserve and protect your own interests.

Here are just a few examples (in the form of thread titles), outlining what the industry wants, but, for legal purposes, do not dare demand it outright. Can you guess the common theme?

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