The Adult Industry – Today

This industry has reached an all-time low with the games being played, the theft of content, the extortion, taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities on both the camgirl’s side, as well as the member’s. Each side with their own set of reasons for their silence. We’ll just call it “fear”. Fear for ourselves, our livelihood, our families, friends knowing what we do (or watch) online. Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of going up against “them”.  So we choose silence.

There still remains no law in the adult industry (or camming world, as we know it). Imagine now, a society without law enforcement. Imagine what it would look like out in the streets. People would be afraid to leave their homes, to go to work. Being full aware of the presence of these entities, with their arrogance and dictatorial attitudes, we all wait for someone else to step up. Hoping someone will see what’s going on before it’s too late. The deeper you look, the more you see. The more you see, the more you become angered. The more you speak, the more you lose. You can never win against these people. They are like a virus that spreads throughout the entire community, infecting everyone weak enough to allow this to control them.

This is the adult industry, with no law to govern them, dictating to what otherwise (in the ‘real world’) would be considered “independent subcontractors”, where we can work, how much money we can earn, what we can and can’t say, who can and who can’t visit us, controlling every aspect of our work (and I do mean every aspect). There is huge money involved. This is truly big business and that’s where the controlling mindset comes in. With the internet as its playground, and the comfort of an anonymous shield to jump behind every time they want to press those controls, they gain full control using everything from brainwashing techniques to insulting, degrading and bullying behavior. Never directly. Everything they do is underhanded.

This is no conspiracy theory. Anyone working in this industry or who has been ripped off by an adult site, has fallen victim in one way or another.

It can be great, if you’re the silent, submissive type who minds their own business, never asks questions, never questions authority and never ever speaks out against them. Otherwise, good luck!