Miss Positive

Most folks who remember me from the old iFriends platform will likely remember me as the girl who was always positive, gung-ho about the new features, ready and willing to jump on the bandwagon just about any time that site said ‘jump”. When girls trashed iFriends in their forums, I was their first line of defense. I was around in 1999 and have been witness to their growth, watching as they outperformed their competition. I was a part of that, being one of the girls that they toted, called on to help with breaking down features, reporting bugs. I even did the ADS (age verification demonstrational video) for them. It was easy to put my full trust in them, considering they seemed to be doing everything right. When there was negativity in the forums, I was the first to step up and defend them, asking everyone to open their minds to the new features, saying “give it a chance and then if you don’t like it, you can trash it”. I brought that same bright, positive attitude to each and every customer that entered my room. Positive, positive, positive.

In the back of my mind, there was a lingering doubt, but I ignored it. There was something poking at my brain. That gut feeling one gets from the first sign that something isn’t right was what I had. It came the moment I read the announcement that iFriends would be holding back 10% of our revenues. That was the one and only time I spoke out against them in a harmful way, and I got suspended for it, for accusing them of creating an excuse to hold our money so that they could use it for their own gain, to invest and profit. That suspension came as a bit of a shock to me because I did not feel I was in the wrong. Perhaps I just wanted to believe that there existed someone in this industry with a shred of decensy and integrity. Knowing that iFriends was started by someone out of Wall St., (as opposed to your stereotypical pimp), I envisioned someone with a good financial past was heading this ship. It was a comforting thought and the direction the company was headed was straight to the top, all the way up to at least 2006 anyway. Fast forward to 2009, just before I left, as a direct result oif a revenue dispute: My inquiries into the state of chargebacks and parts of my revenues being hidden, brought about a complete change in attitude toward me. The more I questioned things, inquired about my own revenues, the more games were played. The information they provided was not adding up. I became frustrated with the whole situation, asking more questions and getting nothing but delays and games, in response. I finally got pissed off and left their site, and reported them here, a few months later http://www.ripoffreport.com/adult-web-site/1-800-ifriends-ifrie/1-800-ifriends-ifriends-webpo-c9a5f.htm

Needless to say, my sunny, bright disposition with this company began to turn dark. To put it quite bluntly, I felt like an idiot, for having put my faith in a company that clearly had been screwing me over all this time. I am owed a lot of money by iFriends/Webpower. Not only from past revenues but from the ongoing sale of my content, as well.

Looking back, I remember in 2008, a sudden slowdown in traffic, coinciding with what was then the beginning of a long term of harassment. That same harassment  continues, to this day and through every platform that I host under the handle “amanda36c”; beginning on iFriends and carrying right through onto Streamate,  MyFreeCams, Webcams, anywhere I decide to host my shows.

A positive, bright, sunny attitude is great to have, if you sell rainbows and ride on a unicorn, tossing colorful glitter over waterfalls, but if you live in the real world, you must learn to find just the right balance between that positive vibe and the naivete that can get you screwed over in this industry. Take it from someone who has dearly learned her lesson (and paid a huge price for it).