A Camgirl’s Trademark

Camgirls/performers, don’t let what happened to me, happen to you.



To see if a trademarked has been filed on your name, go here


In the box beside “search term”, enter the name you wish to check for a

trademark filing on.


Click the Submit Query button.


From the results, fnd the Serial Number and copy it.


Enter that serial number into the box on this page http://tsdr.uspto.gov/

and click “Status”.


Below the trademarked name is a button “Expand All”.  Click that for all

information on your trademark.  Trademark owner or person filing for the

trademark, attorney, etc.


To oppose a trademark, especially if you have been doing business under that name for a long time, you will need to contact a trademark lawyer.  You can get a free consultation or at least an evaluation of approximately what it will cost you to oppose it and possibly obtain that trademark yourself.