The Era Of Common Sense


Sadly, we live in a world where common-sense is obsolete. Seemingly intelligent adults constantly need to be told what to do (& what not to do) and we have become completely reliant on stupid little devices to live our lives. It never fails to amaze me how far we’ve come in our lifetime with advances in technology yet people can’t think anymore. They can’t perform the simple task of paying attention to their surroundings while crossing the street.  They are oblivious to everything going on around them. There was a young woman on a device in the metro in Montreal who wasn’t looking up and actually walked right in between two cars as the metro was leaving. Instead of addressing the problem (the inability to function with a device in hand), the question the media asked was “how can we provide better safety measures so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again?”Seriously? Maybe they all belong in a bubble so that nothing can touch them and they can continue to give the rest of us something to roll our eyes at every day. Devices are a convenience but we abuse it to the point of selfish stupidity when we drive while texting (how many accidents are caused by that?). I often imagine  a wonderful disaster that knocks out power to all satellites. Seriously, how many of us would even know what to do next? Unfortunately,  we’re not in that predicament. We have to find ways to make life easier for stupid people. What we could (and should) do is lock all signals in public places where any danger can be present. Hockey arenas are no exception. Just a few months ago, PK Subban’s puck flew into the crowd and hit a baby (6 months old, I believe). What a mother was doing bringing a newborn to a hockey game is beyond me. That young and that close to the ice, not smart. They could have chosen seats way higher up where those kind of incidents don’t happen. In any case, the baby appeared to be OK and PK was apologetic about it. Did the stand-up thing and made sure both mother and baby were good. When there’s a baby in your arms, you need to be focused on them, not watching out for flying pucks, so never put yourself in a position where that can happen. This is common frigging sense. Besides locking signals in public places, we also need to lock signals in moving vehicles.

  • Sincerely,  someone from the last era of common sense.