Numbers Don’t Lie

Here are some examples, taken from a popular adult industry forum, of camgirl earnings. Some of these are quite shocking. Remember, our earnings have been steadily declining over the years. My opinion of the industry and the scams within will never change, despite how much sneakier and scummier those controlling it have become. The only question remaining is: how much lower can they go?


just over $30 in 3 hours on SM.. traffic has been great yesterday and today but it’s just guys popping in and out all night, sometimes saying “Hi” and leaving a second later. I think it’s the site, I haven’t had nights this bad in weeks.

 The few guys that DO talk have all been “show me a lil something then pvt, ok bb??” “love your tits, can I see them?” I usually don’t get too many of those but this past week there’s been an explosion of douchebags on SM.



Well I am just doing way better than yesterday.. ROFLMAO!… I have made $20 bucks and I am not even done with my 5 hours yet.. woot woot!


Oh darl,  I feel you.  Made shitty 8 bucks on 2 hours on sm today.  And sm always send me pvt sound even if there is no pvt.  Thanks Sm for making me frustrated!!


$6? What in the HELL? it’s been almost 3 hours now.. uggh



Oh, for the love of God…it says that today I was logged into ImLive for 9 hours and only made $5.38. And it says that yesterday I was logged on for 7 hours and made $1.64. This is absolute insanity. Well, uh…some good news…I finally accumulated enough points on Opinion Outpost (one of those paid survey sites) to cash out via PayPal. YAY ME! 😛 I had 110 points, which equates to $11 via PayPal. And the payout happened INSTANTLY. I’ve got my PayPal debit card, and I’m about to buy some food. You’d be amazed how I can stretch $11.


Ugh, 2 hours on SM last night and $30. I wanted to stay on longer but the last hour I couldn’t make anything so I logged off. I haven’t even been able to sell a Skype show in days. A week ago I was getting pretty consistant shows and now it’s nothing. I’ve had a few guys contact me but they have been freeloaders or they just disappear after I tell them to give me 5-10 minutes before I can do the show.


Worst week EVA so far.. ugh I only have less than 3 days left.. I am clocking 12 bucks a fucking hour on average all week!.. I suck!… or they suck.. someone fucking sucks


happy i was on period last week and didnt work. but yeah. :(( today in 5 hours made 110. yesterday made in 6 hours 120. thats deff not me. i am simple, without make up, only sitting not to teasy 🙂 but i always show my eyes and i always smile, always polite. but past few weeks… woooow. never had anything like that in my two years career. people come and leave. its sooo great i have some regulars that actually come and help since they know why i do this job. it diesnt matter they tip only 5 per day, but still. btw, i tried everything past few weeks- i was doing 1 gold shows( i usually do 5 for 7 mins, not always works for me gold shows, but i dont like them anywayz)- noone joined, or like two three guys join, then dailies come and tip until goal is reached. i dont even talk about privates. its like +10000 warm outside and i need sit ahead computer because in 3 days i didnt manage to make 500 bucks which is not me, when i work 5 hours i always make 150. but now…. i dunno. !
it was like slow when football championship was, but deff not like that. thanks god for my dailies with 3s and 4s next to their names. :)) and yes, natural girls attract guys there 🙂 since i never ever put any make up or do my hair. i dont care anymore. in my whole life i got only few bad comments about me – bad teeth( but yeah, they are bad! i would need around 10000 bucks to fix them), that i am a moody cow and malipulator and liar( but the guy appoligised me after i explained purpose of topic and he also tipped me later). good luck girls! i really hope things will get better on SM and they will fix the damn page


I’m on my way to the store for a gluten free burrito, big bag of peanut butter m&ms and lord knows what else. Pretty frustrating – $25 in 4 hours. Can’t even start about all the sorry ass trolls & low iq nimrods I’ve seen since Thursday.


Woohoo!!.. 28 bucks in 3 hours .. YAY ME!.. and I actually had a decent day yesterday.. over my mid range goal…  Low goal is $100, Mid goal is $200, High Goal is $300+ for me.


Arghhhhh camming SUCKS it could not suck anymore than it sucks right now.
5 hours camming…£18 earnt.

 I thought being the last day of the month people got paid today?


Wow! 15$ in 3 hours. At this rate, I’ll be able to retire in….oh, let’s see…ummmm…I’m 40 now and if I live to be 90….I can retire in 50 years?