Who’s Harassing Whom?

I was accused of being a harasser by the very person who has been insulting, stalking and harassing me for the longest time. A desperate attempt to play the victim, after he’s already been caught and called out as the harasser. Have a look at the events, in chronological order and who the real harasser is will become unmistakeably clear.

1) I politely called out his wife for copying a tagline I have used for several years. Out of the clear blue, she freaked, became a total psycho bitch, behaving like someone who represents a group of people when it was just her and I in this conversation. Then, coincidentally, at that same moment, this anonymous coward suddenly surfaced in the ‘conversation’ to continue the attack on me. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/attacks-screenshots/

2) My traffic and placement were reduced drastically. My live listing went from page 1 to page 3 in a matter of days. Members complained about being bounced from my room, constantly. Regulars were telling me they had a hard time entering my room and that they tried multiple times just to enter. Often, even members that gave Gold would get bounced. No problems with my connection or settings, as I am always on top of that. Placement is done manually. We all know that. It can’t be too hard to believe that some immature little runt would be in charge of it, either. What surprises me is how, with the mentality they have about customers being stupid, they are able to maintain their position within a company whose goal should be to ‘retain’ customers, not insult and drive them away. Either they all share that same mentality or it’s the Peyrases in charge of all those Twitter accounts and whitelabels promoting Streamate, including the @iPartychat one that calls customers “sick pervs”. It’s right here

3) I started calling him out by name on my Twitter because I know it is him doing it. He gets my Twitter account suspended.

4) I blog about how he seems to gain enjoyment screwing with people’s livelihood. His visits to my blog go way back to long before July 1st even and continues to stalk everything I do online, everywhere I go. And I’M the harasser? Why? Could it be because I speak my mind about their bullshit and games?

His position in the company is marketing director. He has control over where the girls are placed on the site. Ever wonder why his wife remains on the top of the listings (as do the girls recruited by her agency)? It isn’t rocket science.

Mistercjenkins (another of Christophe Peyras ‘ many Twitter personalities)
Seems to be doing quite a lot of chirping about me. Here are some examples Keep in mind that according to him, I am the harasser.

Note; the city I live in, along with the jab at my tagline. Yeah, that’s for me. Kinda personal.

An attempt as weak and classless as he is at insulting people from a certain region of Canada, but it’s obvious as to whom this is really directed. Just see his previous tweet.

So I called him out. He hated that.



It’s funny, in his own words, he doesn’t “pay attention to haters”, yet looking at his previous tweets, he’s the one doing all the hating.


He wasn’t so fragile before but now, it’s time for him to play the victim! Did a complete 180.



I know he meant this for me because his timeline tells me there is no one else he could be referring to in this manner (plus, gotta keep up with the charade). Interesting that he uses the word “pimp”, referring to my boyfriend. So did the person harassing the hell out of me on Webcams and enough times on Streamate. None of my real members refer to JB as a “pimp”. Peyras is the only one.


I guess he must be referring to his wife, who also happens to be Canadian. I suppose this could be meant for all of Canada, so I shouldn’t take it too personally. It takes a special kind of ‘classy’ to insult an entire country.


I do have a life. A good one, too. I may not have much money (thanks the abuse of your position on Streamate to manipulate my traffic and placement), but I have a very rich love life. I actually live with the one I love (His name is JB, not Pimp, by the way). I’d wonder why anyone wouldn’t (or couldn’t) live with the one they loved if they could work from anywhere in the world. I’m sure there are as many reasons for that as there are open Twitter accounts just waiting for more fakes to be created, like @ChrisRo3034, @StreamatePage3, @Chipman608, @Chipman609, @Reamerman2, etc., etc., etc.


Please do! This should be interesting. Again, who’s harassing whom?