Book Excerpts

Here are a few excerpts from the book I am writing, detailing my experiences in the camming industry.

“I looked over at my newly purchased, second-hand Pentium 1, with its external 28.8k modem, which was pretty hi-tech at the time, and wondered if I had the right set-up to stream video. “

“Envision a woman dressed in a mini skirt, bending over and wiping down the table that holds the coaster that your beer sits on. How glamorous.”

“There was one ad, in another section, that read “Women wanted to model lingerie online. No experience necessary”. My mind wandered back to a few years prior, where I tried out for some modelling gigs but was never called back.”

“One grunt before the line went dead was usually how it ended. The occasional ‘thank you’ was nice. It’s strange that customers, thriving on lust, would offer so little in the way of human interaction.”