Thursday Night Threats

I’m not quite sure why this person chooses to refer to my boyfriend as a ‘pimp’, but clearly they have some mental health issues.  JB is the farthest thing from a pimp.

I also see that their ip switch program has been of great service to them, allowing them to continue harassing, threatening, not only me but my boyfriend, as well. They haven’t stopped there. They also have stooped to impersonating a long-time member of mine and insulting him.


What pick-up line school did this guy go to?


A rape threat to me and a death threat to my boyfriend. What I’d really like to know is – who issues a rape threat and then tells you exactly who they are? He looks like he’s trying a little too hard to toss the blame onto another ip he created, maybe with a better hidden ip than the previous one he used to threaten me with. I’m supposed to ask the UK Police (as his spoofed ip suggests he is located in, no doubt) about how dangerous he is. In fact, Interpol knows him. Oh I’m sure they do. Just as I’m sure Interpol will open up completely to me about this dangerous chatroom crusader!


This person is seriously disturbed.


Was it something I said? It must have been. Someone didn’t like that Twitter conversation I had the night before with Christophe Peyras  (the company’s marketing director and person in charge of promoting the models on Streamate, aka @streamate on Twitter). The day after this conversation, came all the threats and harassment


I get the feeling that this Antichrist666 person’s credit card is a stolen one. I would be willing to bet that it does not attach to the person that threatened me at all. But, that’s for law enforcement to investigate. Will they? Perhaps. Eventually. Who knows?


Now he apologizes. I’m sure that makes it alright. Threaten to rape someone, kill her boyfriend, and then apologize because you lost your temper. That’s some rant, both as a member and as a guest and I’m sure the member ip differs both geographically, as well as numerically. Again, that’s for law enforcement to look into.

The real question is … exactly how lawless is the adult industry? Is harassment legal here and nowhere else in the world? Are death threats legal, as long as you do it from behind a proxy?