The Bug or the Windshield?

They say “some days you’re the bug and some days you’re the windshield.”. Last night, I was the windshield, squashing flat, any and all little bugs that tried to ram into me. It started with someone asking: “been getting much gold for those wonderfull boobs u got?”. I probably shouldn’t have let that get to me but now, thanks to my stalker, there’s always going to be that little lingering question in my mind “is this them?”. More often than not, it isn’t. The problem is – they come into my room every night with the same nasty attitude and insults. It’s almost as though this person has a complex about their own age and is trying (miserably, I might add) to project that onto me. I couldn’t be happier or feel sexier than I am right now at the ripe old age of 42, so screw you, stalker! Deal with your issues. You will never get younger, only older. That’s the direction we all take in lifel. Get used to it. Be happy you’re not 20 years older than you are now because if you’re this sour now, imagine how sour you’ll be then! Perhaps that’s not the best way of looking at it but there really is no way to help them to feel any better. Besides, that really isn’t my job, anyway. 🙂

Next bug wrote: “hey ma how r u”. Squashed his ass, too! I’m not your “ma” and don’t you forget it! Sounds like my stalker. Even if it wasn’t, there is no way in hell I can, with a clear head, allow someone to call me that while performing any sort of sexual act in front of them. That’s just creepy.

Nasty bug got it good right after this comment: “fuck bitch whip them tits out”. You can imagine how quickly my trigger finger hit that block button! If you’re going to call any self-respecting woman a “bitch”, you had better have an understanding about it and she’d better be OK with it, beforehand, for you to be permitted to insult her like that. Only in private, and after the aforementioned “understanding” (meaning as a role-play act; ie “are you my bitch?”) would I even entertain the notion of allowing that sort of abuse and even then, it’s treading a very thin line. It has to be said in a certain context or else forget it. My trigger finger has a mind of its own!

Next bug, with whom I only told politely to leave, wrote: “hi hun will you role play and be my girlfriends daughter she is 18 her name is cailtin”. I am always saddened by this. There are how many women on the face of this earth and the one you fantasize about has to be a relative of someone who quite possibly cares about you enough to share her life with you? That’s pathetic and disgusting. *Gasp* Are my morals showing?