Cam Decoy; Where Have All The Camgirls Gone?

 What Is Cam Decoy?

This Cam Decoy program has been quietly making the rounds of popular adult live cam websites for roughly four years. A program that creates the illusion that a performer is live can be quite the asset to websites wanting to maximize profits. Great concept. Leave it up to the adult industry to pull that rabbit out of their hat. Leave it up to them to trick paying customers into thinking a performer is right there communicating with them, responding to their requests, interacting, when in fact, they’re not. In their video, this company ever so slightly touches on the fact that audio can also be offered, as well. How it’s done must be a big secret because it’s hardly even mentioned.

Why Use Cam Decoy?

Why pay us performers for live content when you can pass replays off as live and not have to pay us anything at all? Fool the members. Fool the girls. Fool everyone! What a wonderful way to make money. As far as the content; these sites by now have enough of it that they can easily buy, sell or trade it and never have to pay another camgirl again. There is more than enough content to keep them going strong for the rest of their scumbag lives.

Is it surprising, my fellow camgirls, that our revenues and traffic are seeing declines like never before?

Can You Be Fooled?

Members of these sites – could you have fallen victim to a cam decoy while thinking you were getting off to a real live camgirl, doing exactly what you were asking her to do? Have you ever asked her to wave to you and then believed she was real just because you saw her do it? These buggers are getting sophisticated. They have even incorporated voice into the whole scheme, to further trick you into thinking the performers are live. In reality, they are as live as … Elvis is, in Las Vegas!

How To Spot A Cam Decoy Session

When a potential customer enters a performer’s room and wants to know if she is live or not, he will typically ask her to wave or give him the finger, thinking if she doesn’t do it, she’s a fake. Don’t be so easily fooled. These cats are sly and their programs catch every movement possible, to ensure it all looks legit and interactive in the final edit.

One way to know for sure is to ask her to call your name. Watch her lips and she speaks it, or ask her to look into the cam and call out a name that starts with the letter “L”, like Larry and see if her tongue touches the top of her mouth when she starts to say it. A name beginning with the letter “S”, like Steve,  is great, too, and look for her lips stretch to slightly horizontally when she begins to say it.  If she doesn’t offer audio, (and there really is no excuse for a camgirl not to offer audio in an industry as competitive as ours), try to think of something super creative to get her to do besides waving or giving the finger. Think ‘charades’ and let your imagination run wild!

Would They Really Do This?

This program was created in 2010, discussed in 2011 and for the most part, shrugged off, just like every other underhanded trick these sites use to sell our content and not have to pay us. Yet another way to maximize profits. Just business. Right? What surprises me the most in reading those discussions by industry girls, is that the point of this is completely missed. The girls are discussing whether or not it is a smart idea, rather than looking at it from a business perspective and seeing why the sites themselves would be doing this and how this affects us in the form of the live video model being replaced by replay videos of us, which we are not paid for. Why the sites would do this is obvious. Would they really do this though? We’re talking about sites that introduce studios and recruiters in their efforts to drive our commission down. We’re talking about sites that buy, sell and trade our content, collectively to other sites,  each other. Anyone thinking this industry is above board and straight with us, would never lie, cheat or steal, really has a lot to learn. Our contracts speak volumes to this. For fun and kicks, have your lawyer translate what the contract does for the performer, in comparison to what it does for the site. His advice would be “don’t sign it”.  Would the sites really do this? Anyone that even has to ask that question, seriously needs their head examined.

Here’s the Cam Decoy ad