Day Off

Took a day off yesterday to rest up, relax and de-stress from the nightly harrassment routine I’d grown accustomed to, on Streamate. If I didn’t have the balls, or were less of a hardhead, I’d probably have caven in by now and left, giving mister studio pimp that feeling of accomplishment for having finally run me off the site. With me not on the site, he can push his girls up higher on the main page. I must really be putting a dent in his business if he feels he needs to get rid of me just for his girls to be able to make him money. Should I be flattered? If it wasn’t worth it for me to stay on or if the pressure was too much for me to handle, perhaps I would have thrown in the towel long ago, but what good does it do me to worry myself crazy over something that I have absolutely no control over? This could easily escalate to the point where someone decides to involve authorities. What then?

When I hear “this sort of thing happens all the time online” and “you can block them”, it only leads me to wonder just how much is being done to stop it. All the time does not mean, to the same girl, every shift she works, several times per shift, by the same person, for a year straight. There is a point where this becomes legal harrassment. The block option doesn’t work because this same person keeps returning, despite the fact that I have blocked them over a hundred times.

Doesn’t make me feel great about work, about signing in. I just feel like going in, rushing people into private and then leaving, just to avoid having to deal with that asshole. My production, no doubt, has gone down and I hate to admit it. The site needs to address this because my hands are tied. I can’t stop this guy, only they can.