Chatroom Funnies

Sometimes, chatroom funnies come in the form of typos, like these …

What he meant:
“I am good.”

What he typoed:
“I am god.”

I’ve had a similar doozie myself …

In a situation where a member had lost his connection and then received this greeting upon returning to my chatroom:

What I meant:

“Oh good, you’re back!”

What I typoed:

Oh god, you’re back!”

Then, there are the subtle, easily-overlookable typos. I love it when people screw up the simplest of words, like “where” and “were”, so I played right along:
A member last night asked:

“where u doing pvt shows for only 1$ a min?”

To which I replied

“Streamate. Where else?”

He corrected himself  with “were”.  I giggled. This shit always makes me giggle. I guess I’m just a fan of the simple things.

Then, there’s the guy who suddenly thinks he can type without looking at his keyboard. Sort of like the way a little Superman fan feels right after seeing the movie. Heads straight to the bathroom to grab a towel and run around the house pretending he can fly. Well, you can’t fly just because you have a towel, nor can you type just because you have a keyboard. Or was he asking for a dance?

“Amanda, I want to sway, for one, I would love to see your beautiful boobies and would pay premo dollars to see em”

I love these guys. They crack me up.

Gladiator200741: could you stand up really quick bb?

Is that supposed to make me want to do it for free, just because it happens to be fast? Oh wait, let me go try that at McDonald’s! “Hi. how can I help you today?” “Can I try that Big Mac really fast?””That’ll be $2.84 please.””No, I don’t think you understand. I said “really fast.””Yes, It’s coming.  That’ll be $2.84 please.””When someone says ‘really fast’ they mean it’s free.””Not on this planet.””Really?””Really.””Oh but bb, u r the g-r-8-est! bb u r sooooo HOT bb! Plzzzzzzzzzzz”…

Seriously, in what world?

Another version of the same idiocracy:

Gladiator200741: turn around, i dont need to see your tits

This has to top them all!

ChrisCarlos: i’m counting on the leafs not dropping off the face of earth again, like last year