Lies, lies, lies!

Sometimes, I’m left scratching my head in amazement, from questions like this:  “how much do you need to give your m s n or skype adresse? write it i’m not good in englsih …”. What’s wrong with that exactly? Apparently, this person is a member because only credit-card verified members can post messages to us in our chatrooms. Member – check. Ability to go private, exclusive or give Gold, at any time (as long as he has the funds in his account). Why then, is he trying to drive me off Streamate onto another platform? Is it out of the kindness of his heart to try and save me some money by offering me the chance to snag 100% of the profits rather than sharing with Streamate? how sweet of him. Oh but wait,  there is a risk of what’s commonly referred to, in this industry, as ‘traffic diversion’ which carries a penalty and possible suspension or extermination of account along with potentially losing out on any revenues I have coming to me as of the current date, if I’m caught. What also doesn’t look right is that he claims not to speak English very well, asking me to write my answer (I’m assuming he meant to ‘type’ it). How it is any better if I type it? From my experience and french being a (albeit distant) 2nd language, I’m far more comfortable with someone speaking it rather than typing it. He was able to hear me perfectly fine, so his behavior right there seemed quite odd. Well I dunno, golly gee, this might not be such a silver lining, after all, is it? Moral of the story: Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It’s not always them. Hell, sometimes it’s me that does the lying. I do it, too, but only to avoid being called names like ‘grandma’ and ‘cougar, milf’, etc. Noone is the wiser anyway. 😉 On the odd occasion, a member uses his big head and types something like this, for example, into my chat: ” wait i thought u said u started 12 years ago and ur 29 now
sorry if im being offensive about that
yea i keep finding that and i cry a lil bit inside”. His last statement, I assumed, meant that he was saddened by the fact that so many women feel the need to lie about their age. Hoping that was it because he might have even been thinking something else and no, I don’t even want to touch on that subject … or the thought itself. I had to fess up and reveal (to him) my real age and the reason I lie about it. If the option to put “Age: Private”, was there, I’d have chosen that to display on my profile page instead. I guess a little white lie isn’t the worst thing in the world though.

Honestly though, apart from little white internet lies, does anyone really have any integrity? It seems that everyone, everywhere are just liars, liars, liars. From the big companies you once trusted, to the little mom and pop shop. Everywhere you turn, liars. I’m sick of the bullshit.