Video Theft & A New Name

Last night, a guest entered my chatroom with a very interesting tidbit of information.
I highlighted his part of the conversation. Since I communicate by audio, my part of the conversation is missing. I blurred out the names of the dot coms to prevent the slimeball pimps from knowing what they now need to hide. I’m glad the members are honest and really appreciate when one goes out of his way to help like this. I verified his claim and am planningĀ to take action against these 3 sites, in addition to the list I already have, of sites my content is (and has been) on.


If you have knowledge about content being sold or promoted on other sites, of a performer that you know, contact that performer and communicate your findings to her privately, where you know prying eyes aren’t watching. For example, her Twitter timeline is not a good idea but a private message in a dm to her is fine. The performer should keep a record of every site her content is on. This will serve her well in the future when she finally decides enough is enough and goes after those stealing her content and livelihood.