The Camgirl’s Guide To Safety Online

There are a lot of reasons to want to protect your online identity and real information from falling into the wrong hands. Whether you’re new to camming or a veteran such as myself, these tips can help protect you, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from encounters or bad experiences becoming personal. Here are some tips to keep you safe. Below is a full, detailed description of why.

Be vigilant. Consider under all circumstances:

Your real name
To never divulge anywhere online your real name (especially family name), family members’ names or even pets’ names.

Places you frequent
To never give out the name of a gym you frequent, restaurant you eat at or any other establishment that your name may have, at any point been registered with. This also applies to clinics, veterinarians, banks, etc.

Review your pictures before posting
To never post selfies on social media of you sitting in your car, unless you’re certain the car type, color, make, model, is not visible in the shot. The same goes for pictures of any recognizable area near your house (can a street sign be seen in the background? A park name? Another car with the license plate visible, showing they are in New York, for example?). To you, it may be nothing. New York has a lot of people, so good luck finding you, right? While it may not pinpoint your location to would-be predators, stalkers, etc., it does provide a clue and a very dangerous one if you even accidentally let a few other tidbits of information slip. For example, you live in New York, regularly attend Gold’s Gym. You also mentioned having to swing by the vet to pick up your dog, moments later. A simple Google Earth search shows me the approximate area of Brooklyn you’re in.

You and man’s best friend
Posting a picture of your dog online or allowing people in your chatroom to see what they look like, even for a split second, puts you at risk of being recognized when you’re outside with your dog.

Keep camming clothes separate from the clothes you wear outdoors. Wearing the same thing outside that you wore in a session online puts you at risk of being recognized in the street.

Did someone call your handle out in the street?
Ignore. Just ignore completely and continue walking. Take the same safety precautions you would take in any situation that you feel unsafe in the street (head to an area populated with a crowd or into a nearby business establishment).

Protect your computer
Be sure to have an anti-virus program (McAffee. Norton, etc.). If you don’t know how to properly install it or adjust the settings, have someone knowledgeable with computers do that for you. Be on the lookout for keyloggers and malware on your hard drive. If a computer is given to you by someone (a website you work for, for example) for whatever reason, it would be wise to bring it to a reputable computer shop and have them look for keyloggers, malware, viruses, and report anything malicious or suspicious to you. The same goes for any software that comes to you in the form of a cd or one that the site wants you to download, directly off their website (especially the latter). Scan it or have someone check it out for you to see what exactly it does.

Social media access
Never give up your social media access. For example, when you go to sign into a website and a window pops up, asking you to “sign in using your Facebook account” (or other social media), do not allow it. Same goes for signing in with apps. ONLY sign in using the website’s sign-in form. Chrome (browser) is among the most secure and lets you save and store your username and password for most sites (good news for the lazy and for those needing quick access).

Home address
If possible, as an added measure of security when signing up to a new camming website, use an old address or one that you intend to soon move away from. Do not give the new address if there’s no reason for them to have it. If your checks come to you via Fed-Ex or other courier, you may want to consider an alternative address to have your paychecks sent to where they will be accessible for you to pick them up. My own experiences with a specific website that I worked for taught me that none are to be trusted, even the so-called ‘big box sites’. Nobody in them should be trusted. The further you can keep them from your personal information (current address, phone number and all the above, except of course they need your real name to issue payments to you), the safer you will be. Believe me when I say, the websites can be worse than any ‘customer’ or ‘hacker’ you will encounter online, though it is always wise to keep yourself safe from both.

Feel free to contact me here or directly at my email address, if you have any questions or comments. I can also be reached on Twitter under the handle @amanda36c.
Happy safe camming, ladies!