An Inside Job

A few nights ago, my shift started off with a member giving Gold and then another went exclusive for approximately 5 minutes. There were only myself and the member in this exclusive session. Click the images to open them in a new window at full size.


Pay close attention to the timeline and events.

The stats report for that session shows he left at 1:19 (my time). There were no member reports after this, until 2:20 my time (or 7:20 GMT).


Minutes later, at 1:37, some rude, harassing tweets were made. As one can tell by the name of the account, it was created for the sole purpose of harassing me. The only tweets are to me and the account’s name, @StreamatePage3 is a mockery of where my placement on Streamate has been changed; from page 1 to page 3.

In one of their tweets, they wrote “two fisting it? im sure that loose cunt can take at least 3”. Obviously meant to say “fingers”, not “fist”, as no one has three fists. Never mind that though. The fact that this person knew exactly what I was doing in that session (which was slightly out of the ordinary, something I don’t often do), tells me they were the ‘invisible’ person in my room at that time, that the only way they could have seen that was if they were watching my show using an admin account or special voyeur window that only an admin could access. The person behind the Twitter account, @StreamatePage3 is someone who has access to my room, even when I am in an exclusive session with a member. No, it was not the member himself. It’s someone inside of Streamate doing this.

I e-mailed Liz, to verify this wasn’t just some member viewing me from a voyeur window and she confirmed it couldn’t have been. Leaves only what I have been saying all along. I know exactly who has been (and continues to be) harassing me and they are indeed directly employed by Streamate Ltd. or FCI, Inc. or Flying Croc Inc. or ICF Technology, Inc. or … Accretive Technologies Group Inc., or .. whatever else they own.



This is absolute proof.