A Common Theme

The folks on my followers list have so much in common,  by golly, shouldn’t they all be following each other, rather than me?

  • They all have followers in a range between 6,806 and 9,159.
  • Their following list shows a range between 5,933 and 7,975.
  • All except for 2 have that blue header and for promoters of porn.
  • Not one has a nude picture as its avatar.
  • Each one was given a handle that relates to porn.

This is a little more than pure coincidence. It isn’t every day I’m entertained with accounts like these, all at the same time with so close to the same number of follower and following lists and all those other coincidences. Another game being played by the great minds of the porn industry. Who this time? Is it one person behind all these accounts? Over to you, Captain Obvious …

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