Traffic Lately

The traffic on Streamate lately has been horrendous. Without stating the obvious or looking like I’m some kind of conspiracy theorist, I’ve noticed a ton of visitors lately that don’t/can’t/won’t use the chat. Are these real members? I started a Gold Show the other day, to see if these members would go in. 1 Gold for 30 minutes. Of course, I had no real intention of doing the show, rather, an effort to prove a point. After 10 minutes (on a 20 minute timer), I had 1 member in for the show. I’d have to estimate over 100 coming and going from the chat. I was in front of the cam, looking and acting sexy. A mere 2 years ago, I could have gotten 1/4 of those members to go in for the show, at 5 a piece rather than just 1 and for a 10 minute show rather than 30. What has happened to Streamate’s traffic?

Rather than complain (I’m sure many are tired of hearing it), I decided to write a song (to the tune of Take It To The Limit – by the Eagles). Here, have a listen (and don’t criticize, I’m no singer, never claimed to be)  The lyrics are below, so that you can sing along. If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. Believe me!

All alone at the end of the evening
All the members couldn’t find my room,
I was thinking ’bout a Gold Show for some traffic,
that I’d never do
You know I’ve always been a sucker
(revenues just going down)
And it’s so hard to take
(always getting screwed around)
But the bugs I’ve seen lately
keep on turnin’ up and burnin’ up and turnin’ up again

so put me on a server
that doesn’t stop on a dime
and I’ll shake it for a tidbit, one more time