A Response So Obvious

This is a follow-up to my previous blog article, where I exposed iFriends/Webpower Inc.’s employee Jaime Hamed for tampering in my account settings and transferring money from my account into someone else’s. Someone who just happens to live in her hometown of Pennsylvania, according to an online trace of that ssn number. Oh but I’m sure that’s just a really odd coincidence. Yeah, that’s it. Coincidence.

In the days and weeks following my previous blog article, all this ensued …

Someone reported me to Facebook for having a photo containing nudity. It was reviewed and deemed not in violation of that rule. Aww shucks. Eh?


On December 12th, someone whose IP is out of West Palm Beach, Florida replied to my blog article with this comment, “still batt-shit crazy I see”.
Assuming this person was referring to Jaime, I replied, “I agree. You must have known her a long time.”

17 days later, I received a notice of Privacy Violation from WordPress.
Someone had reported me for posting a screenshot of ‘personal information’

On January 13th (about a month later), the same person replied again, this time under a proxied IP but using the same name. They wrote “I mean you. the time invested in this rambling nonsense and talking to yourself. You need srs meds.”

So, let me get this right. I need meds after exposing a fraud by an internet
porn company I worked for? Am I reading this correctly? Pretty arrogant if you ask me but oddly amusing.

The comments are all here. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/account-settings-tampering/#comment-14476

10 days later, they decided to reply to a previous blog article of mine using a different name and e-mail address but under the exact same proxied IP.

They didn’t reply to me specifically but this time to a comment left by another user. Under the assumption this user was me, they wrote “Too bad you are amanda. still the same since the studio days.”. It wasn’t me. This really was someone else who wrote that. The outright accusation showed me just how paranoid this person was though.

They certainly are relentless and yes, let’s discuss ‘investment of time’, and who’s spending all their time reading my little blog. While I’m flattered someone devotes all their energy and time to little me, hanging on my every word, I don’t believe they are anything more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Truth be told, they are only there to perform damage control, not what they portray themselves as. No one person can be that adamant about defending every little thing I write online about a porn company that defrauds people.

Another of their personas online goes by the handle Artlessly Creative and is
an even greater defender of iFriends/Webpower Inc.. Isn’t it interesting how much time this person has to devote to little me with my little blog? So yes, please, let’s discuss ‘investment of time’.

Never a nice thing to say. Or productive. Or intelligent. Or useful. Just defensive. Often insulting. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/how-the-porn-industry-banks-part-2/#comment-14426

It’s pretty clear this is a company whose employees perform more damage control than any other business function. The true markings a master fraudster is behind this.