Streamate Doubles

Bored and waiting for a member to enter my room, I started to look around at the site to see where my listing was appearing. What was once a gradual decline from first row to 6th had suddenly plummeted down another 3 rows, to show me at the very bottom of the page. In the span of one week, I went from 6th row to 9th, just like that. I use the encoder (with the proper settings), offer HD, Audio, Gold Shows, everything that the heavily-trafficked Streamate-owned studios offer, yet I continue on the downward decline.

Looking around more at the site, I also noticed that ‘select’ girls, who are listed on the first page, top rows, are also given a spot on one of the last live listing of the site (ie: page 13 to 16 typically, or just before the guys’ listing). Have a look at the 1st screenshot then the other 2 and find the girls they selected to promote twice, once on the first page and then on one of the last pages. Looks like random places, too and only select girls get to have that extra spot, not all girls on that page and not even in the same order as they’re listed on the main page. Can’t be a ‘glitch’. Impossible. Make sure to promote those girls, Streamate. You do have them at a lower commission rate (in exchange for these ‘favors’), right? You know, ways to ensure they gain more traffic, as all your studios promise. Prove me wrong. So far, all I’m seeing is shady shit here.

Note the address bar’s url which indicates the page. I, of course, was not ‘lucky’ enough to have my listing appear in two places, simultaneously, as some select girls did. Have a look and feel free to test this on your own, right now, on the site.