Revenue Discrepancies (part 2) – Video Explanation

In a recent comment to my blog, I was asked a few questions. Rather than respond there, I decided to create a new blog entry, so that I can embed a short video, which facilitates the process of explaining how the fan club accounts work. His questions are as follows:

1) Can you access the archives of all your daily revenue reports from all the other sites you have worked on since leaving Webpower/Ifriends?

2) Do any of the other sites hold back 10% of revenues for refunds/chargebacks in an account for the Video Hosts?

3) Can you show me and others what you mean by multiple Fanclub accounts for the same member and an account where it looks like you weren’t ever paid for the renewals of the Fan Club memberships?

My answers:

1)  Yes. Every other site I’ve worked on, has provided this information, dating back to the start. Nothing hidden, no records expired after x-length of time.

2) None that I am aware of. I have never had a single site hold back 10% or refunds/chargebacks from me, period. Only iFriends.

3) Click to play the video below. Here are a few examples. Click the bottom right corner to enlarge the video to full-screen to view it better.