Harasser Plays The Victim; Their Best Performance Yet

I can’t wait until this harassment is finally over. My most sincere apologies to everyone who I’ve troubled with this drama and bullshit. I just want to shed some light on what they have put me through, which has affected not only my livelihood (with the directing of placement from page 1 to page 3 on Streamate, & the bouncing of members from my room as well as games played in my chatroom with their endless array of member accounts only an insider would have access to), but also my reputation within the camgirl community, with all the fake accounts they created on Twitter for the sole purpose of harassing me and turning others against me by spreading lies. They even filed a false report to get my @amanda36c account suspended. In their arrogance, they have threatened me on Streamate, Webcams and MyFreeCams, as well. Everywhere I go online, the harassment follows, in one form or another. They have been very clear about their ability to control my traffic and placement, which ties in directly with my revenue-earning potential. Any idea what it is like to know that everywhere you go online, you can expect to be stalked, harassed, threatened, played games with and when you try to earn money to support yourself, they have their filthy hands in there, as well? On other sites, I can expect them to harass the hell out of me, in free guest chat, under proxified IPs. It’s how internet cowards behave, after all. They never come out for a one on one. That would be the case if this were a personal grudge. People confront one another all the time when they know they can do so from the safety net of being behind a computer screen, as opposed to face to face. It isn’t much of a personal grudge though. When I spoke out against studios and recruiters, it was never directed at any one, in particular, but someone decided I was to be shut up and used a cowardly couple to do the dirty work.

Now, they have decided their only defense against my speaking out against them is to try and turn this around to make ME out to be the harasser. They are playing the victim now and making up complete lies about me. Please use your better judgement to see through those lies when they float your way. Bullshit travels pretty quick in this industry. Don’t believe everything a webpimp and his recruiter wife have to say because they haven’t a shred of proof to back any of it up. I have tons of proof it’s them harassing me and it’s all right here in my blog. This entry I left open to the public. There are others that I had to make private because I noticed several visits to my blog from their ip, searching all of the blog entries which mention all the instances of harassment I have endured over the last few years, which likely ties them right to it. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/attacks-screenshots/ I was once a normal camgirl, enjoying a normal camgirl career but that has been destroyed. This has been going on for too long and 2014 is the year this harassment, stalking, the threats, games all come to an end.

I just want people to know that I’m not looking for trouble or drama. I’m only looking for this to all end. I have had to endure this long enough. 2014 will be the year of change, for this industry, but especially for those that have put me through this. Thank you for listening and for your understanding. If anyone has anything to say to me, please reach me directly and do NOT believe any bullshit rumours. Thank you. Sincerely, amanda36c (I currently use @amanda36c on twitter if you’d like to follow me).