Behind the schemes

This should serve as a wake-up call to all camgirls, affiliates and viewers of online porn. Know that this is not coming from some crazy, conspiracy theorist but someone who has been in this industry for over 17 years.

Once upon a time there was a camgirl, a hard worker, whose earnings had steadily increased over the years. That was until the economy took a huge hit and even surviving industries feared they would never fully recover. Despite being one of the least hardest hit, the sex site owners, whom I lovingly refer to as pimps in pinstripes, scrambled for ways to keep capital flowing while the camgirl saw her own revenues take nosedive after nosedive. The pimps followed no general rules of big business. The porn industry, being self-governed and self-policed, thrived under its own rule and authority. The closest thing to law they followed was “no honor among thieves”. As their numbers continued to decline, so did the level in which they sunk to obtain those funds. They skimmed, held percentages from several thousands of camgirls (sub-contractors), yet still greed ensued. Their hunger for money became insatiable despite increasing revenues from the unauthorized sale of our content elsewhere on the internet. We all complained about this but were condescendingly assured that the only feasible solution was to order a DMCA takedown, which offers a slap on the wrist to the thief. Big deal. Hardly a deterrant. In fact, what this told us was to start looking for that content to appear on other similar sites. Besides doing a DMCA takedown, there was always the option of suing. The pimps with their dirty money would just keep you tied up in litigation for as long as it takes to bleed you of every cent you have though. If money were no issue, your only concern would be the burden of proof.

Knowing the internet had many cracks and corners, the slimy cockroach pimps hid well under small, discreetly owned companies to organize and orchestrate what was soon to be their 100% profit scheme. It was apparent with each new way they found to skim more money, their financial goals were still not being met. This group gave new meaning to the term ‘fly-by-night business’ as they continued on that same flight path, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction behind, from having ripped off customers, affiliates and camgirls. The well was starting to run dry.

Rumour had it the affiliates and viewers were the ones stealing and selling our content and to some extent, that could have been true but it was the sites themselves that owned whitelabels and were very much in control of every avenue the traffic came from and went to. If someone were stealing, and if it affected the sites, they would have taken legal action. Needless to say, rumours, in this industry are used as a diversion, “look there, not here”.

How the sites loved to play the blame game. No one told them they weren’t very good at it though.

Failed attempts to restructure should cast uncertainty on future endeavors but instead, the pimps continued to build. A struggle to raise profit margins led to a desperate move which only a small number of us fully understood; the creation of programs that would replace the camgirl and turn what would have been her share of earnings, as per contractual obligation, right over to the pimps instead. No more payouts to the girls. One hundred percent pimp profit. Their requirement of our services only lasted the time it took to collect a sufficient amount of content for use with their 100% profit scheme and straight into the Cam Decoy camgirl replacement program.

I actually caught them one time, running a replay video in a preview window which was supposed to show a small video directly from my live feed, as it always did before. Because I was not a paying member, the view I had was restricted to this small window but I could see clearly enough to know I was wearing different clothing in the small window. The site often tinkered with new features so I thought little of it, figuring it was something they were testing or working on. I did, shortly after, start to notice members entering my room and bouncing out almost immediately. This was the result of them having visited the same preview page I was looking at and not going beyond that, or being redirected somewhere else the moment they tried to enter. It was not typical or normal of a viewer (much less, several in a row) to exit that quickly. What is the norm where members habits are concerned don’t just change overnight.

Seeking new girls (for content) was clearly the new plan. The pimps couldn’t care less about whether or not camgirls made money. It didn’t matter. Nor did it matter if the site the girls were on was plagued with glitches. It was about the pocketbooks of the pimps in pinstripes, no one else. They farmed us. We were fed scraps to keep production up, filling demand where that 100% profit venture was. A minimal amount of traffic would be sent to the sites they had us on. The sites we made money on were dying and the camgirls blamed themselves for not hustling hard, not working enough hours, not wearing sexy enough outfits, not having large enough breasts, and the list went on. All of it, a brainwashing attempt by the pimps to get us to think it is our fault, driving us away, before one of us figures out their game and we all get together to file a class action lawsuit.

It made sense for a site with plenty of glitches that never appeared to be resolved, to be doing the bulk of their business elsewhere. This is the sort of negligence any other business would have had no choice but to fix. I would bet insane amounts of money that while they never fixed the sites we were on, the 100% profit sites had their glitches fixed faster than you could say “cockroach”.

Viewers are tricked into thinking they are in the presence of a live camgirl when in fact, it is a recording with a keyboard being worked behind the scenes and a program making the girl perform specific tasks that the viewer might want to see. The puppetmaster can even click a button which makes the girl wave, should the viewer ask her to, in an attempt to prove she is not fake. He can even make her give the finger. There are also voice commands. This program is pretty elaborate.


Just because the girl waves after you tell her to or speaks a word you asked of her, doesn’t mean she is real. Don’t be fooled. See for yourself, what this program can do.

The more sessions camgirls host on these sites, the more content these pimps have for their 100% profit project, with puppet-held camgirls, phasing out the real ones as they leave the industry, under the false impression that there is no money to be made.

For camgirls that want to work independently, the only way to achieve this is by performing Skype shows and not through any platform that does it all for you (a sure warning sign a pimp is behind it, waiting to steal content and customers). Signing in directly to Skype (as opposed to through any site) and allowing no one access to your feed except the paying customer, as well as having your own billing and payment processor set up, is the only way to be truly independent and pimp-free. It is absolutely worth the time and effort.

So, how does it feel to be a pawn in someone’s game and not even know it? Is there anyone who still thinks they are above this? That these pimps are not in complete control? After you’re done reviewing your contracts with a lawyer to translate scum to English, do a little research and Google results will produce all the answers you need. Perform a search for buying software to open up a live site. A lot of these programs are discreet, so approach with caution. Use Firefox to visit and change your ip so they can’t track you. It will all come together and you will see what this industry is really all about. Where billions of dollars a year are at stake, the one thing that is certain is they will go to great lengths to protect their investment.

A huge heads-up to the girls of this industry, the affiliates and the viewers. Just like in the casinos, the house always wins. Your best bet is not to gamble.