How I Remained Sane During The Pandemic

I feel now is a good time to reflect on the events of the last three years. The virus, the panic, the fear; it was all-consuming for some. Many people were glued to the television at news hour, and gobbling up all the propaganda from the many media sources overwhelming the internet. They obeyed everything they were told to do, without question. Fear made them do that. Then, other things started happening when the strong rose up against the tyranny that surfaced amid all this chaos. The entire world and everything we knew about it had flipped upside down. Events that ensued felt almost surreal. It was enough to turn a perfectly sane person insane (or pretty damn close to it). Celebrities and the media were dividing people worse than after the 2016 U.S. election, with bullying tactics and opinions you don’t dare question. They insulted and belittled those who didn’t agree with them or who even dared go against the grain. They wished illness and even death on those who were ‘hesitant”.

Those who had been exposed to fraud know better. We know, first and foremost, to trust our instincts. We prepared ourselves to feel isolated at times. We questioned whether or not it was worth it to go this route or to give in and be blissfully ignorant, just to avoid being outcast. To stay true to oneself is most important. I assured myself that if I could handle the things life had thrown my way in the past, then I’ve certainly got this. But it wasn’t that simple. It would take mental strength and a lot of it. This wasn’t going to disappear anytime soon. There was far too much invested in it for that to happen. It was easy to see. The signs were all there.

With that said, and knowing all things eventually pass, I knew this would too. Keyword: eventually. How I kept my sanity throughout all this can be summed up in point form:

  • Avoid media/news. Stay informed but not overly consumed. 
  • Have conversations with the smart people I know that offer honest opinions (even if they differ from mine) on current events.
  • Ease my mind by watching a movie, sports game, board/card games.
  • Indulge in hobbies, fun and relaxing things (painting, writing, cooking). Maybe pick up some new ones.
  • Play with my pets, cuddle, pat, talk to them.
  • Listen to my favorite music and dancing, which releases endorphins which help you to feel good, activating the brain’s sensory and motor circuits as well.
  • Watching feel-good comedies like stand-ups, sit-coms, Just For Laughs Gags (which is like Candid Camera, for those old enough to remember), old slapsticks, cat videos online, etc.. Laughter is known to reduce stress.
  • Use Google Maps to find interesting bucket-list travel destinations.

And always remember, life is constantly changing. This too, will one day be a thing of the past. There’s much to look forward to once this pandemic is over (and it will be, when all the corruption is found and the right chess pieces are taken off the board).