Lights – Positioning

This is a general overview of how the lights should be positioned, to obtain the best possible results. I did not include filters or diffusers in this tutorial. This is strictly to show you the positioning. The images below demonstrate how the light reflects upon the subject. A few feet extra can be allowed. Sitting on a bed rather than standing (we don’t all stand when we work, do we?) can also apply to this setup. This is just a general idea.

The key light – this is the main light, the brightest light that lights the subject (you).

The fill light – fills in the shadows created by the key light.  

The backlight – provides definition to the subject, making the edges look crisper.

It also serves to illuminate the room a little more.

All 3 lights, in action!

Experiment with lightbulb types to get the mood/feel you’re looking for. 

I use harsh lightbulbs with a diffuser, to soften my image.  Remember though, this part only

discusses positioning.

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