The Weathergirl Report

This afternoon, we’re looking at temperatures reaching 24 degrees celsius, feeling like 30, with the humidex. A 40% probability of precipitation for the next few daylight hours, with rain tapering off in the evening and temps dropping to 22, or 29 with the humidex factor. Sunday overnight shows clearing skies, temps comfortably dropping to 17, so substantially cooler air is on its way, paving the way for a beautiful sunny monday, with just a few clouds and a high of 26 degrees, 30 with the humidex. The long term forecast shows only a slight probability of precipitation in the form of a 40% chance of thundershowers for wednesday. Sunny will be with us for the rest of the week.

Please note that in the springtime (a time we can safely refer to as “mother nature PMSsing”!) , systems are more likely to develop spontaneously, often erratically, as daytime heating, humidity and warm, moist air at ground-level, clashes with cooler conditions in the upper-atmosphere. This can cause great instability, resulting in rain and possibly other forms of precipitation. Look for subsequent updates to this constantly changing weather report, as this entire forecast may change without warning at any given time.

The best way to predict the weather for yourself is to stick your head out the window, provided there aren’t any severe wind storms, tornadoes, hail, blizzards, tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires, avalanches, earthquakes or skunks imminent in your region.