Profiling the Players

The adult entertainment industry is a well-organized structure (for lack of a better phrase to describe it).

Meet the players in the company’s three highest levels:


“A” is the owner of the company. Ownership is Fort Knox secure. “Untouchable” would be a fitting description, for both his company as well as himself. The Teflon Don would have been proud! The “Capo Crimini”.


“S” is in upper management. She is kick-ass, no-nonsense and is brutally superior in her position. Her main duty is to serve and protect the “untouchable” above her in ranking. In a politely condescending manner, she gets the job done. Her efficiency and attention to detail, however, leave a lot to be desired. The “Capo Bastone”.


“J” is in lower management (low man on the totem pole). She performs the daunting task of damage control while keeping all the little workers in line. This position requires much patience and has J, at all times and at all costs, maintaining control over her inferiors. All of them; past, present and future. As mighty as she would like to think she comes across, “Untouchable” is not a word I’d use to describe this character. The “Capo Decina”.