Aha, finally figured this thing out!

It took awhile. At first, I clicked to check out WordPress and saw this fancy little Download button, so I thought “ehhh, may as well click it”. In my brilliance (aka: ignorance), I thought I’d skim past all the instructions. I have a pretty good command of the english language and can get by perfectly fine with reading a line here and there. Frustration started to slowly set in as I attempted to download and install the program. Thinking this was some sort of editing program and not realizing I had to actually sign up to the site to create a blog, I mozied along with high hopes of figuring this out. Those hopes diminished about as quickly as that Royal wedding that happened today. Mind you, by the time I woke up and got my ass out of bed, it was all done and over with. I tweeted about being happy about that. Needless to say, I did finally figure out this WordPress thing and here I am!