Excuses, Excuses (October Edition)!

The more traffic and revenue decline, the more their excuses hit an all- time high. Will they never end? It’s funny that since 2008, the excuses for the sites’ lack of traffic have been skyrocketing. Instead of every day bringing new opportunities, it only seems to bring new excuses. For amusement purposes, here are some examples:

Football! Bad ole’ American football!

“Football is on tonight and every Monday. It’s also on Thursday and Sunday and that’s just the NFL games. Add in college games and it’s Saturday and another day a week.”

Yeah, that’s it!

“Could it be the end of the month???”

That’s it! Well, if your customers are all guys waiting on welfare, their unemployment checks or are waiting to clear up their credit cards when they get their bill at the end of the month, then yes, I suppose this excuse would be as good as any.

Why not use those excuses? Everyone seems to be buying into them. Hook, line and sinker!

“Omg! What a deadline. I hope you meet your goal way before then. This football game is fucking with my money too.”

According to this one, it can be either our fault, the customer’s fault or a sudden change in male attitudes in general and their views on porn.

“SM has sucked for me for the past 2-3 weeks too…. in fact it’s sucked for several months. I admit i have been busy with other vanilla projects, so I’m just trying to hit my minimum payout on SM each week to stay active, but gone are the $800 a week paychecks from there. Doesn’t matter if my prices are fair, the crowd is changing..or my regulars are all taking a break.”

As the post suggests: “The crowd is changing”. Hmm. Can’t be evolution. This happened far too rapidly. Perhaps it’s just that the men of the world suddenly and simultaneously decided to cut porn from their budget. Highly unlikely.

If the crowd is changing, as her post suggests, then the only change that makes any sense is them changing their minds about allowing these sites to continue ripping them off. A better guess as to what’s going on would be these customers are closing their accounts because they were overbilled/billed when they shouldn’t have been/billed monthly for a service they never agreed to, etc. If that’s not enough, when an attempt is made to rectify a situation by calling their customer service line, the customer is brushed off, given the run-around or just plain treated rudely by these customer service agents. The way these sites operate closely resembles what one would find when encountering a scam. You see much the same behavior, attitude and arrogance from these sites, not only as a performer but also as a customer. Yes, the crowd sure is changing and change isn’t always a bad thing.

No need to elaborate on this next excuse, “my regulars are all taking a break”. You’ve just worn them all out like used tires. All at the same time, too. They are all so exhausted, at the exact same time, that they must take months off from your presence just to recuperate. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would that scenario be?

So again, everything under the sun is to blame for the declines in traffic, bad customer service and constant glitches, except the sites themselves. They are never, ever, ever mentioned. Very odd, isn’t it? Logically, it is only the sites that can be blamed for these things, yet they never are. Let’s think about this, shall we? Why are the sites never blamed? Hint: people who point fingers never point it at themselves.