Skype Show Donation Offers

Over the past two years, I’ve received several e-mails with regards to the booking of a show. A common theme exists here. There are many tells but here are just a few:

  • The word “donation” is often used.
  • Another to note is how the show in question is not an advanced booking or anything that would otherwise allow time to prepare for the performance or at least clear up some time from their schedule. No, it’s often for today. As though your work schedule is open 24/7 and you have no life outside of this whatsoever. Perhaps because the person behind the keyboard and those emails is really someone in the industry who themselves have a mission to brainwash and manipulate camgirls into submission and this is the most obvious way to do it. This is definitely not someone interested in a show for any reason other than to chargeback or demand a refund. Eventually, this would serve to drive girls away from performing independently doing Skype shows and right back into relying on the sites (who are in desperate need of content for other ventures that you’re not supposed to know about).
  • In addition to this, another telltale sign its them behind these emails is the offer (they think you can’t refuse) of an amount in the low hundreds, typically, anywhere from one to four.
  • They also happen to use Gmail, which hides your online footprint so that it can’t be traced. There may be a few other reasons, actually.

What makes me laugh is that they send this to themselves and then Bcc me (and possibly several others) the offer.

Below are some examples of the emails I’m referring to.

There is never a need to concern myself with who is the real deal and who isn’t. To me, it’s obvious. Have a look at these (similar and overly generous) offers from supposed different people …