A Theory & A Thought

I’m going to throw out a few possibilities here, to see what makes the most sense. Any feedback, comments, questions, input is welcomed.


First, let me say that what I refer to as “studios” can also be known as “agencies”. I have not given in to the idea that they are useful in any way, shape or form. That said, I really don’t give a damn what their technical name is.


If the lack of traffic to my room lately can be attributed to my theory about the studios being given preferrential treatment, then what’s to stop the site from opening up a bunch of their own studios and hand-selecting someone to run them (for a small percentage), who would offer the girls under them more traffic? A move like this would allow the site itself a share of just slightly more than the 65% they currently take from each girl that is signed up directly through their site. There are ways to find out if the site itself owns studios. Anyone who knows how to look up businesses, find ownerships, can easily locate the exact information they seek. One simple search is all it takes.

By cutting my traffic, is this supposed to force me into signing up to one of these studios? I have worked on their platform for over 2 years now and used to have over 40 members in my room at any given time. Lately, there’s a handful at best. Last night, less than a handful and there were several times with absolutely none whatsoever. Steady are the studios though, with booming amounts of traffic. Others, like myself, with less than a handful. I’d say “at least I’m not alone” but that offers no consolation whatsoever nor does it help me to make sense of their treatment of the very people whose hard work, time and effort went into lining this site’s pockets with 65% of our hard-earned revenue.

Let’s now assume that the studios are not owned by the site itself. Let’s say it’s some independent model who decided to toss together a website with rules, regulations, a pretty little TOS page, some legal crap, a sign-up page that asks for all of our personal information, then a couple of ‘help’ pages to teach newbies how to take off their clothes and deal with customers (actually, this is only something that can be learned through experience in dealing with it and doing it, not something you learn from an e-book someone put together to justify the reasons why they are taking a percentage of your earnings). More importantly, how are these studios (or ‘agencies’) able to get girls to sign up under them, when the girls know full well that they would be earning less than the alternative; signing up directly to the site? What could they possibly offer that would make an independent go the studio route and succumb to this lesser commission? A (much) higher volume of traffic? What does the site gain and why agree to give one studio this preferrentiall treatment, over the others?

The traffic I have witnessed, from room to room, speak volumes. All things considered (how prominently their listing appears, how attractive they are, how much their thumbnail sticks out to catch the eye, how clear their image is, how big their boobs are, how appealing their tagline is, etc., etc., etc.), there is no reason one girl should have 65 members in her room while the one right next to her in the listings has only 4. All the aforementioned considered, tells me the girl with 65 members belongs to a studio. I’ve studied this very carefully, and have indeed taken into consideration that some girls do bring in their own traffic. Lately, and more often than not, these studios have become recognizable by traffic count alone.