Men Are Simple

Men are simple. For the most part, if you want to know what they mean, you only need listen to what they say. There is no reading between the lines. It’s right there, in black and white, all wrapped up nicely in a blunt statement, for your comprehensive pleasure!

Members were quiet in my room last night, so I began to worry that my chat wasn’t working. I decided to ask the members why they were so quiet. One response pretty much spoke for the masses.

HornyCock: distracted by ur tits 😉

They say whatever comes to mind, at any given moment. Take this comment, for example, after receiving 10 gold from him:

Gamma: i bet u look hottt and sexy in the rain

Sometimes, they get a little sloppy with their typing.

face: bice tits

Then there are the non-truth-tellers:

bedeviled: leonard cohen said he would be down with the partay Chat!

Hint to namedroppers – no famous person would dare associate their real name with a sex site (perhaps only Charlie Sheen, in a drunken moment), so all you’re really telling me is that you are a liar.

The moment of realization (or spark plug for a sex worker) is when someone types this:

HornyCock: i wonder how many hard cocks you have inspired?

Ahhh, the fine great art of aiding men to the heights of pleasure through orgasmic bliss! Honestly though, what exactly have I ‘inspired’ those cocks to do anyway? Paint the Mona Lisa?