Mister 'Meet Me'

Dear Mister ‘Meet Me’,

I understand your intentions are completely innocent. Based on those 5 Twitter conversations, any suspicions on my part would be unjustified.

Oh, yes I see your point about needing someone to have coffee with. Perhaps our travel industry should be made aware that people are willing to spend $700.00 on a  1.500 mile flight to one of our Starbucks destinations for one spectacular coffee. In fact, if the coffee is that great, then perhaps it would be wise, after all, to secure yourself a witness to back you up when you tell all the folks back home.

Yes, Mister Meet Me, hockey arenas can get pretty lonely. Only 21,000+ people surrounding you, all with a common love for the sport. That said, it must be a tough place to spark up a conversation with people occupying the seats next to, in front of and behind you.

His true intentions:

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that I indulged Mister Meet Me and actually did meet him. Unrealistic, utterly impossible scenario, but for the sake of this article, I’ll play it up.

Oh my. Never saw this coming! Mister Meet Me is now looking to go grab some drinks and … “wherever that happens to lead”. A few drinks later, spilling just a little more to relieve any tension I might be having as to where this night is headed for us, he blurts out something about “wild, unforgettable sex in his hotel room” and cleverly (or so he thinks) tries to lure me there with promises that the complimentary soap bars glow in the dark, stressing how important my being a witness to this is. Nothing impresses me more! Funny, he never mentioned anything about this on Twitter.

All sarcasm aside, Mister Meet Me,

You never once asked if I had a husband or significant other. We discussed this and my hubby said he would love to meet you. You seem like such a nice guy. What do you say? 😉