English lessons, anyone?

I had a guest tell me last night “this is not a dating site”.  They didn’t punctuate, so I wasn’t really sure if it was intended as a comment or a question, which would, of course, have given it a different meaning. I repeated what he stated or asked (see? I don’t know which it was) but he had already left the chatroom. Someone else responded to what I said earlier with a “your funny girl”. He really meant to type “you’re funny, girl” but never did learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. It’s a good thing he wasn’t faced with the “their” “there” and “they’re” choice!  Yes, life can be hard at times. As conversation flows about the aforementioned “dating site”, someone else mentioned that this guy “just wants to be your friend”. Someone else jumps in with this statement: “aw, a friend.  Hell all of us perverts need a friend”. That gave me the laugh I needed. Then, this statement, right out of nowhere: “He must be a canucks fan or something”. At this moment, I knew it was going to be one of those wonderful, fun-filled nights where it would be them entertaining me and not the other way around.

Shortly after, the hockey fans enter and as usual, around playoff time, the conversations tend to get a little … heated. One guy types: “I fuckin hate the Red Wings”. The next guy states: “like the Wings… only saving grace that city has”. The guy after that writes: “bruins i think”. A few more predictions come in and then, gotta love these mid-sentence tangents: “2 gold for tittys. They will play Vancouver and I live in Detroit”! He didn’t give gold, but 4 others did, consecutively, so I guess he figured he didn’t have to. It was one of those nights where, I would have done great had it not been for my monthly restriction, but all’s well that ended well. Only a few real assholes were blocked. Not bad for a monday.