Streamate steals last pay

Streamate did not pay me for my last week worked on their platform. In their own words, as per their e-mail: “All unpaid earnings WILL be paid out on the normal payment schedule.” I was paid last week, from the previous week’s work but I was not paid for last week’s work this week. Nor was I paid from Mtree, which is also owned by FCI Inc. (or is it now ICF Technology, after the lawsuit filed against them? It’s pretty confusing).

I pointed out some facts about their marketing director and his recruiter wife harassing me and days later, this is how I get treated. Money taken from me. That is fucking arrogant and to take someone’s last paycheck from them, after claiming that you would pay them on time, takes scum to a whole new level.

Great job, Streamate. So whose pocket is my money in?

Update: Streamate has made the payment, after this blog, e-mail and tweets to them. It was an honest mistake I’m sure. They had forgotten to cut the pay because it had not yet reached the hundred dollar mark needed to pay out. Nevertheness, my account was taken down by them after I caught and accused their marketing director (Christophe Peyras) and his wife, the recruiter (Catherine Tayler) of being the ones behind my harassment the entire time. I proved it to them. They are behind it, 100%.

The site themselves harassed me and then kicked me off the platform when I spoke out about it. Mtree,(MoneyTree) however, still has not paid me. I will update this blog when/if they do.

Update:Moneytree payment finally arrived on the 21st.