English 101

SnS420: my 6 yo pewwee tema could kick there ass

How can we err? Let me count the ways!

Deadman9004: Hi Amanda have you recover from the habs lost

Miraculously, I understood his general meaning.


I’m thinking this guy’s hands are a little … otherwise occupied.

bradleyn89: the cup is cumming back to chicago this year

This guy’s been hanging out in sex sites too long.

jeffjive: habs suck

jeffjive: cus the habs suck

That’s all he said. This guy needed a lesson in manners, not just spelling.

Balmung: LOL I Asked you if you could squirt and you didnt reply why would i pay for you playing with toys everyone can do that.. What can you do different from the others

I almost got to do what I wanted with this one, but like the coward that he is, he typed and ran, so there wasn’t enough time to block him.

Ability to express himself in an articulate manner – excellent! Use of punctuation – poor! Attitude – in need of some serious fine-tuning! Since when is squirting considered something that makes what you offer “different from the others”? I see people offering that all over the place. How many girls can talk hockey, and I mean really talk hockey, in a room full of guys? I think that’s a lot more unique than what  this mister A. Hole wanted to imply I was lacking

bradleyn89: play better music…..i cant wait for the blackhawks to kill the habs….that will be the next and only time i cum to ur room

That was harsh. Proof that some people have a lot of time on their hands, along with terrible spelling and grammar habits.

The fact that this person has so much time on his/her hands tells me “just ignore it”. Maybe, it’ll go away. More likely it won’t, but at least I’ll always know where I stand in this person’s priorities in life and to be that far on top of someone’s list of things to do with their time, is actually quite flattering. Sad for them, but flattering for me.Upon their ‘next visit’, I’ll block their sorry ass and move right along to the real members with whom I can enjoy some hockey talk conversations that aren’t so hate-filled, like this person seems to be.