Differentials. Diversity. Diplomacy.

Genuine member asking a question:

whitelightning861: hello beautIful
what r u doing without hockey

Another genuine member asking a question:

byroot06: hi Amanda i love you super show yesterday morning

This is the kind of guest that goes around from chatroom to chatroom, looking for girls to indulge him in his feeble fantasy of text chat, which apparently really floats his boat.

bigc: i wanna eat tour pussy

Uh, so dude, you’re saying that you want to eat pussy that is on tour? I’ve heard of some strange fetishes, but this one ranks high up there!

bigc: will you cum on my face

He was relentless in his free text chat (I do believe they call it “sexting”) pursuit.

Perhaps unbeknownst to him, the topic wasn’t what he thought it was. While all the others in the room (myself included) were talking hockey, he must have somehow got the idea that those 4 possible forms of payment were not applicable to his special case and that I was there for him and only him. Now, imagine if you will, a room with about 5 men, one woman, all casually talking hockey, and one guy, way over there in the corner by himself, dick in hand, stroking it and yelling “I wanna eat tour pussy” over to the woman. That’s the scenario I envision. This job can be pretty humorous when you look at it from a camgirl’s perspective.


I just love these members, who speak their mind, often times, reflecting the opinion and thoughts of yours truly (as yes, he gave Gold himself):

CrazyDave: send the money you cheap bastards !

Then, on the flip side,

shardy21: fuckk your gollld id prospect your pussy all night

And then there’s the comment that comes right out of nowhere and try as you might, you just can’t figure out where it came from, who it was in response to or where the heck it was intended to go. Leaves you scratching your head in wonder, amazement, amusement and confusion.

shardy21: you loved it
get the pan out n that
soveran hill

I love the American patriots. It is just awesome to see people proud of their country. I’m proud of my country, too and when talking hockey, there’s nothing quite like being a Canadian. There’s just so much to talk about (Bobby, Wayne, Sidney, Gordy, etc., etc., etc.).

Inlikeflynt: The draft, 5 american players went in the first 10 ,no cleveland
yes, very good

driver: I seen the final game.  An American team, with an American born captain lifted the Stanley Cup up.

Nothing says lovin like Gold!

Coach: Wow, cool that you actually talk to us!

Coach: You are intriguing……
I am going in again..

Coach has pledged $5.00 toward your GOLD Show.

The second part of this sentence is a phrase I used when I worked on ‘that other site’ and never heard anyone else use it, until here, when I asked if he’d like to join in my Gold Show:

williamwest97: i have no money right now lol i would if i could but i can’t so i won’t

I would have believed the little lying dweeb, except when someone inserts a “lol” somewhere that it clearly doesn’t belong, tells me, plain as day, that they’re full of shit. As in this case. Tells me a lot, actually.

This, in free guest chat, after he was seen in my Gold Show, tells me my Gold Shows just aren’t long enough! Easily remedied.

shaner69: im still trying to finish not long enough

And then comes a comment, out of the clear blue sky (or, well, in my case, the cloudy, rainy night sky) …

wetinwhite: have you ever swam in a tight white top?

This, my darlings, is why I love my job. Differentials. Diversity. Diplomacy.