Chatroom Q&A

The guests’ questions are in blue below and my answers are in red. Sometimes, those were kept to myself though, but nonetheless, here’s what I was thinking:

mysticmusicman: Bored?

Not at all. I enjoy having 7 people in my room with no one chatting. Some of my other favorite hobbies include; watching paint dry and who can resist a good monologue-turned-argument?


skrimdada: zz top;
ummmm….. gimme all your lovin?

The offer was a boob flash if someone could guess the name of the song. He only actually got it after hearing guitar from the chorus, but never let it be said I wasn’t a good sport.


skrimdada: amanda if i take you private could i maybe get a bj?

I started to go off about how I don’t do the meeting face to face and how I’m not a prostitute (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but soon realized that his intention was to go private and have me give him the bj in there. Actually, give it to my toy. Hey, it’s his fault for not being clear that he wanted me to give it to my toy and not really him. He was a fun character though and the private was fun, as well.


sideshowbob: wanna watch me jerk off?

He he. Sideshowbob wants me to watch him jerk off. I could just imagine if, when he turned on his cam, out popped a cartoon with wild red hair and a throbbing cartoon penis. What gal could resist?


NorCalsurferfromthebay: Funny your profile you say you like Hockey lol who do you like? I was just talking hockey with my boys at the gym My friend and me bet 20 he gots the Kings and I got the Sharks

I’m always fascinated when I see a surfer dude from the bay area that likes hockey. It’s not every day… Unfortunately, the conversation ended there when someone hit the Private button and the surfer dude was nowhere to be found.


cyberis23: heya there. have ppl stopped being stupid?

LOL Ohhh, you don’t really want me to answer that!


Davey: for a good show how much you reckon?

The haggler type. These species are rare. They are not necessarily predatorial but they do have a tendency to pester and annoy their victims. Ignore and they will go away. If you engage them, they could multiply. Proceed with extreme caution.