Party Poopers

You usually find these types of people in large crowds, hanging out in dark corners by themselves. It seems their sole purpose for living is to annoy others. They only come out of their corner if they feel they have something derogatory to say to you, serving a second purpose; to make them feel superior. By belittling you, this somehow makes them feel better about themselves. Whatever works, right? In real life, when this happens, someone basically comes along and bitch-slaps some sense into the little shit. Online, there is no such luck. The only thing you can do is block them. Nothing bothers them more than being ignored and rejected at the same time.

I was playing “Bad To The Bone” and a member commented:

Ken31234: I love that song, I prefer I drink alone

Ken31234: anybody drink alone? lol

Never did understand that myself. The way I see it is – you know you’ve got a problem when you’re drinking alone. Deal with the problem and then drink with friends to celebrate overcoming it. It’s best to do things in moderation.

The next member came in and asked:

funktionas: where in cali are u from

I had to explain that CA stood for Canada, not California and that what he was seeing were the geographical country codes, not state codes. CA = Canada (not Califronia), LV = Latvia (not Las Vegas), CO = Colombia (not Colorado). I never make them feel bad about not knowing that because they could easily be mistaken for states in the U.S.A.. 

Another member wrote:

 Ken31234: I hope canadian ppl are nicer than california ppl

Personally, I have nothing against people from any one state in particular. If I have a beef with someone, I take it out on that person, not the entire state where that person happens to live. I have a hard time separating my dislike into geographical locations.

And then, of course how could I not be expecting this? The poison that visits my room on a nightly basis, chimes in with:

studman: canadians suck

Moments later, someone takes me private and from that, a few additional private sessions ensue.

A member in one of those sessions claimed to be from Montreal, too. I had a sneaking suspicion that this one was there to rate me low. The first indicator, despite the fact that it’s written on both the whiteboard behind me and in my Streamate profile page, is when he starts to ask me to perform anal. If that wasn’t the reason, then it must have been because I refused to ‘meet’ him in person. Sure enough, he rated me a 3 (of 5). How did I know this? From the get-go? When did it become OK to rate a host based on whether or not she decides to become a prostitute? I thought they were supposed to rate our PERFORMANCE! His part of the conversation:

rickZA123: nice pussy amanda
i also see your a habs fan….so hot

rickZA123: sure am
from the west island
i should get a pair of tickets and bring you with me
to the first game in mtl

rickZA123: how do i get a night with you amanda?
i would love to eat you out
im going to cum

rickZA123: mmmm…a facial for you
no meeting even for money?
do you squirt?

Obviously, the low rating I got from this person was not based on my performance. This rating shouldn’t count, but, unfortunately it does. Somehow, it does. 😦