PartyChat; Where’s The Party?

If last night’s PartyChat were more like a real party, the day after would be easier to handle. I could just mop up the puke all over the floor, pop 2 Tylenol, nurse the hangover, vow never to do that again and move on.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury. Hate to say I told me so, but I did blog, that at one point, if traffic doesn’t keep up, this PartyChat didn’t stand a chance. Oh sure, I could conjure up about 500 or so excuses for why it was slow last night, or heck, on any given night for that matter. It all boils down to traffic. My biggest fear about PartyChat was that once everyone started offering it, not only would the appeal start to wear off, but members would grow accustomed to this new cheap rate. As traffic started to become more spread out, more disbursed among the girls offering PartyChat, revenues from this started to decline, as well. Exactly as I suspected. I had to cancel three party chats last night, simply because there were not enough takers. I could count the members in my room, at most any given time, on one hand. That is extremely rare, for me. To have that few members in my room was scary. I only did one PartyChat, failing to reach my goal but performed at a low rate, hoping others would join in and contribute to the pot while the show was going on, but that didn’t happen. My mistake. I guess I could have just cancelled it and waited, or (hind sight enabled), signed out and have some tasty watermelon while taking in an episode or two of Family Guy. A complete waste of a night. I’m terribly disappointed with the traffic I saw from last night’s session and I’m very concerned about traffic overall. As I’ve stated before, independent hosts are not going to work for the low commission we do, if major traffic is not supplied to us. If we have to start bringing in our own traffic, it isn’t going to be for a low commission like that. No way in hell. After a lot of research on the internet for traffic rankings, page views, placement, etc., with sites like Alexa, Internet Stats, Compete, to name a few,  all showing a decline in traffic (down half of what it was last year at this time), I’m not convinced everything is fine. I don’t care what is said. I want to see numbers (they don’t often lie).  Not to be  a Debbie Downer here, but traffic is a major concern for me and it shoud be for the site as well. This whole PartyChat is doomed without it. I really hope the traffic picks up. For all of our sakes.