The Studio Rumours

I don’t pay much attention to rumours but when things start to add up, well, one begins to wonder if there is indeed any truth to the rumour.

The rumour circulating around Streamate these days is that studios are gaining in placement and traffic, as the result of some deal between them and the site. Well, I have certainly seen a decline in traffic and noticed a shift toward the studios. I’d be very naive to call this “coincidence”, with all my years of camming experience to refer to and plenty of experience with the trends.

What I would really like to know is this; what kind of deal do these American studios have with Streamate anyway? Not talking the Eastern European studios. The newer ones emerging are out of the U.S. and have girls from all over the globe under them. So, is it true? These studios are getting all the traffic?

Assuming the site is paying less than 35% to those studios (otherwise, what’s in it for them?), then are they pushing the traffic towards the studios? Why wouldn’t they, if in fact, they have entered into this kind of deal? I can’t see any reason they wouldn’t. It’s more money for them. Why wouldn’t they push the traffic to these studios, where they would make more? If this is not rumour and indeed, they do have this sort of deal going on, what direction are they taking with this? What can we independent camgirls expect to see; even more of a decline in traffic to the point where we’re forced to accept less by signing up to a studio in exchange for increased traffic? It’s forcing independents to now go through a middleman. How is this even acceptable to camgirls? This complacency is just too much sometimes. Just drives me nuts the way people behave like sheep and all follow the trend.

In my opinion, the whole studio idea is a very dumb one that, at best, can only bring short-term gains. In the long term, the sites stand to lose all their hard-working independent camgirls that refuse to succumb to the bullshit of jumping onto a bandwagin that is beneficial only to the site and the studios. The more seasoned camgirls do not need to gain traffic (that they never should have lost in the first place), and be told by a studio, what to do, how to do it, when to work, etc. by a newly formed gang of webpimps taking money for nothing.

Let’s assume for a moment that the site gains nothing from this and traffic is not given to the studios; everything is distributed fairly. Why the need for a studio? The camgirl gets a lesser commission and now has to entrust her personal information (including payment info) to someone else, besides the site whose platform she’s working on, with no idea of who really runs this studio (real name). Why wouldn’t she just sign up to the site directly then? Why the need for a studio at all?

In summary;  The independent camgirl that lost traffic, in order to gain any kind of traffic back, must now sign up to a studio for an even lower commission rate, as well as entrust her personal information to this studio, with no knowledge or background check to verify they are even reputable? Are there promises of more traffic, in exchange for this studio sign-up? Why? What is the game here?

The independent camgirls are the ones who drive this industry, have a large-sized fan base and the knowledge of how to retain customers. Someone over there with a degree on the wall and know-it-all attitude is in for a big surprise when he discovers that what he truly knows about this industry, the girls in it, the customers’ needs and how to weave that all together into one master plan, can fit into a thimble if he thinks that dividing the industry into studios is the solution to his problem of independent girls leaving the site due to lack of traffic. BUY traffic and alow that traffic to distribute itself. members know what they want and will have no problem selecting it themselves. Independents are going to leave once the studio wars begin and traffic, once again, goes on the decline. The real girls will follow the traffic, not the bullshit.


After 15 years of camming, I’ll be damned if I am going to sign up and give my money to some fucking studio that knows less than I do.


I’m having a really hard time believing these are just rumours, given what I’m seeing lately on the site. Enlighten me, if you think I am wrong. Camgirls only please! 😉

I’d love to know what these studios gain exactly, to gain a better understanding of why my traffic has dropped, where it has gone to and where it will continue to go. Would love to hear from you. Feel free to private message me here on WordPress or just hit reply.