Tough Times

     A young guy (just 31 years old) entered my chat and commented on the music playing in the background: “Wondeful tune; by a wonderful classic rock band! You can’t beat the Eagles.”. My initial thought was that he was an older guy, closer to my age, enjoying music from his early days. I smiled in pure satisfaction of knowing that music lovers exist and the fact that this kind of music is still very much alive in the world we live in, gives me hope for society, after all. I thanked him for saying that and agreed. He then wrote: “One of my old Jukebox favorites and I am only 31.”. It didn’t surprise me too much, as I’ve come across some youngens on Youtube with the same attitude and appreciation for this music of an earlier generation. In the world we live in, with absolutely zero talent in music, tv, movies, practically all forms of entertainment (except, of course for Family Guy and The Bold and Beautiful), it’s so refreshing to see that a portion of the youngens today still have the sense to know where to look to find the ‘good stuff’.

     As conversation ensues in the chatroom, out of the clear blue sky came a comment that reminded me that there’s always going to be one, in every crowd. This is the kind of person everyone wants to invite to their birthday bash :”all u have 2 do is suck and blow. blah blah”. How sweet. Blocked!

     My screenshot program is now taking care of monitoring the traffic to my room. Since last week, when I first started to notice a huge decline in traffic and revenues, I’ve been meaning to find something to do this for me, so I don;t have to keep taking screenshots manually or have Paintshoppro do it in the background. Another computer entirely is doing this, with no connection, so my computer cannot be blamed for any slowdown of signal. I’m seeing less and less visitors in the list, as determined by the screenshot program. My revenues from last night’s session show the same decline.

     If I have to bring in my own traffic, then I may as well just do what all the other hosts do and take them onto another platform that offers a larger commission percentage . The only reason anyone would want to work there is for the traffic. I have never had a problem working the traffic before but if there is no traffic, then it’s an impossible situation.  When your revenues are less than half of what they were and there looks to be only one thing at fault; one thing different, then perhaps it’s time to start looking at options. I don’t have the means nor the riches to sit this storm out. I have bills to pay, like everyone else, and this industry does not pay them for me while I wait for the traffic to return.  I loved it here and had a lot of fun but I’m no miracle worker. I’m unable to convert traffic that simply doesn’t exist.