Ripped Off By An Adult Site?

Were you ever ripped off by an adult site? Charged after they claimed you wouldn’t be? Overbilled? Double, triple, quadruple-billed? Finding strange charges on your statement under different names, soon after you signed up to a porn or sex site? Did those charges increase gradually over the months?

Post your experience here and if you prefer to remain anonymous, ask me not to post it. I respect people’s decisions to remain anonymous. For the record, however, it lends more credibility to post it out in public rather than provide a tip in privacy. The sites are well-known for playing games and stoop to posing as customers, lying and scheming to find out what information is out there in their efforts to conceal what we all know to be fraud.

Provide as many details you can, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant they may seem. Often, this can work to expose key patterns.

Significant information would include the following:

  • What was the name of the company that appeared on your credit card statement, beside the charge?
  • Have you received charges from other companies, under names which were unfamiliar to you, that you suspect may also be them? What were those names?
  • When confronted about the suspicious charge, did customer service refund your money or offer to issue you a site credit?

Click Reply to respond. Any information would be appreciated but please keep it strictly to facts. Assumptions and personal thoughts or theories are of no use.

You may also contact me on Twitter @ amanda36c. If you’ve read my blog, the answer to why I’m asking this should be obvious.

Have a nice weekend everyone!