Camming Sucks: Snippets

I took snippets from a popular adult industry forum to help demonstrate the general consensus amongst camgirls where changes in members’ overall behavior are concerned.  In what industry, what world, does human behavior change, to the point where customers who used to chat before, no longer do? They ask ‘what’s going on?” but no one dares entertain the probability or likelihood of these members being fake. They used to chat and now they don’t. Now you see it, now you don’t. Doesn’t make you wonder, at all?

The only real changes I have seen in this industry are related to the sites finding creative new ways to drive our commissions down, grab our content and force us out when our content no longer ‘banks’ for them. Is it a stretch to think they would impersonate one of us to brainwash the others? Highly un-provable with the playground that we call the ‘internet’ and all of its tools but not impossible and definitely not without major benefits. With all the complaints about how bad business is, by camgirls themselves, ask yourself this; how are any of these sites able to remain afloat? Furthermore, new sites popping up every day, ‘helping’ camgirls to earn more money. Recruiters with the same promises. What do they deliver? Nothing. It’s all about the camgirls’ content.

Below are some quotes, from the Stripperweb forum, of what camgirls are saying in the Camming Sucks thread. My comments are below, in red.


“I see nothing improved over the weekend…. since I’ve been in free chat on SM for 45 mins with no private shows….. LOL”

– What is so funny about that?

“People are out partying and drinking for Cinco De Mayo.
I am getting scared, it’s sad when I’m doing much better on cams than SM. I worked 3 1/2 hours on SM today and made $10.60. WTF! I hope it gets better soon. In the process of signing up to split with imlive as well now.”

– We have been “hoping it gets better” since 2002. It doesn’t. It only gets worse. Go independent. Truly independent. Trust NO ONE.

“3 hours on SM = 25$. Camming officially blows right now.”

–  I know how this feels. I knew it wouldn’t get better (it never does) and I am glad I moved on.  There are plenty of jobs that pay better than $8.33/hour. *Editor’s note

“Camming seriously sucked tonight. I didn’t make jack. I forgot it was Cinco de Mayo though. Praying that traffic picks up…cause I’m new and it’s not a good sign to be frustrated so early on in my camming career. I also need a new webcam, which I should be able to buy soon when I request my first payment from Cam4. Plus, I don’t own a vibrator. (I know, I’m a freak.) but I ordered 2 & they should be here next week. Hoping all the pieces fall into place soon & I can start making more money and more consistently! :)”

– Funny, holidays used to bring customers. I keep forgetting how things have ‘evolved’ in our industry. Right. Now, holidays bring zero traffic. Silly me. Yes, go get that new webcam (you and all other newbie gals) and don’t forget to use toys. They sell videos. Great for the fake live shows you will unknowingly be featured in soon, too.

“the 5th May was a bank holiday in the UK and its always a shit night for me, i made 20 pence lol 20 fucking pence! on adultwork and a grand total of 22.87 on streamate, what a fucking joke! There needs to be less holidays, school holidays are a killer to the potential of a cam girls earnings!”

– Holidays used to be great. Again, what’s changed with society? We’ve done nothing but become less sociable overall with the introduction of gadgets, computers, laptops, ipads, etc. You see people; they can’t get off their gadgets. So again, where are all these members? It’s funny, the studios and recruiters never complain (except the occasional ‘throw in a complaint to keep up appearances so that it doesn’t look like we get the lion’s share of the traffic although we do’). I heard recently that a girl earns 12% on SM. It’s scary to think how soon that number will become the norm.

“Thank you for articulately writing what’s on my mind.  No one wants to be in the ‘camming sucks’ thread but you have to acknowledge when things are slow.  It would be delusional to say camming rocks when you’re making $10 in five hours, $2 in three hours, etc.
I have faith that it will pick up.  IT HAS TO!”

– Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this has been happening for years. It doesn’t “have to” pick up and it won’t. As long as everyone sits on hope rather than action, the sites will never change and those ‘glitches’ will never get fixed. I have the feeling (a pretty good one, too) that they have far bigger things to worry about than fixing glitches right now, or even making sure that the girls make them money.

“The problem for me on SM is that I’m getting quite a bit of traffic, but not very many spenders. It’s weird. Totally not like the site to be like this. Normally if I have 10+ in my room I know I’m going to be somewhat busy. I’m getting up to 20+ in my room and still just sitting there…. no shows…. teasing, talking, being friendly, nothing. Along with that, I just start talking to myself because I have a decent amount in my room yet hardly ANYONE is talking to me. I start to wonder if anyone can even see or hear me, I ask and a few say yes they can see/hear and that’s it. No conversation past that.”

– What good is traffic with no spenders? Frustrating. Nothing more.

“Definitely VERY strange on there the last couple weeks. :(“

– I’m not surprised in the least. Look who’s running things; the recruiters. The big boss is too busy with his Vube site (careful, they are becoming known for their malware).

“When I start to see a lot of traffic but not much of it being paying traffic, I start to worry. We all know other sites (such as LJ) have TONS of traffic…. but the paying traffic is what matters. It seems like they might be doing some advertising that’s not paying off for us. It’s making it look like there’s a lot of traffic but just….. no spenders. :(“

– But do they chat? Can we confirm they are at least real and can carry on a conversation beyond the initial possibly programmed “hello. hru?”?

“And I’m always in the top 3 rows, top 4 rows if lots of other popular models are on. So it’s not a matter of placement – don’t think if you’re high up that’s where the money is. Seems like even THAT doesn’t matter anymore.
I agree how lately there will be a decent amount of people in my room but nobody talks.  I end up talking to myself, dancing around a bit just to stay positive and energetic.  It wears me out though after a certain point so I’ve cut back on doing that.”

– The industry created this so do you really think they are above creating fake traffic? C’mon now.

“$1.75 in an hour and a half on SM. I just can’t take it anymore. Where did all the traffic go? I can’t even get to $30 for a GS. This sucks.
I’ve worked on streamate for 6 yrs with a break of 7 months on MFC……I’ve never seen it so slow, no traffic and just looking @ the girls struggling makes me SAD!!!! Holiday is going to be a killer!!! 😦
Camming sucks because I’ve had 6 e-mails this week from regs that are telling me that they are closing out their  membership (On SM)! I have never had e-mails like this …EVER!
They don’t say where they are going to be spending their money, (or even if they will), but I’m now getting concerned that maybe there is something not right over at SM.
A few of them have left their private e-mails to keep in touch, but I tell them it is not allowed to have contact outside of the site.
WTF is going on over there?”

– Great question. WTF is going on?


*Editor’s note: I changed my response, as the actual poster of the comment in question, in a more recent reply on that forum, felt my response was slighting them. My apologies. That was not my intention.


Update: 29 May, 2014 

After posting the snippets above, I was attacked in the Stripperweb forum  by individuals whose posts I never even quoted. I never posted their handles, names or anything that can even be remotely construed as ‘personal information’, yet was attacked visciously with what looks like a business motive to drive people to not associating with me or my website. Here is how I was attacked and my boyfriend decided, this time, he would be the one to reply to them. I agreed and am adding this to my previous blog article, to show what is really going on.


Here is JB’s response to each attack, quotes included:

I am JB, Amanda’s husband. Since I am not in the adult or camming industry and no one can CUT my traffic or harass me nightly online for speaking my mind in public, I will address a couple of remarks made by certain “girls” in the Stripperweb forum “Camming sucks” thread. They are a public forum website so your statements are public. If you can’t stand behind what you say then shut the fuck up! If you think for one minute that the big box camming websites aren’t in these forums reading and responding using alts, to your threads and statements made against them then you are a complete and utter idiot!

I will address the following quotes:


“CAMMIG SUCKS WHEN A MEMBER OF THIS FORUM TAKES YOUR POST, removes names but places everything on her blog.


Nice business ethics, eh?”

“she still needs to be called out on her bs 🙂 Fucker is a member of this forum, she wants to recruit models to her platform. She is a member that trolls this forum. Models beware of what is posted. I just wanted to point out her ethics and how info is not safe with her o__0

(haha in your face by fucking yourself, ripping shit from a forum and posting on a blog, idiot, AMANDA)”

“New models need to beware she is not safe, she comes off nice and sweet as southern tea. Fucking devil has been shot off ifriends and sm…. yeah, work her platform, there’s a reason for everything.

she will refer to me as SM pimp, glad she can get some shit right, add camwhore to it and she gets a A+++++++”

“HENCE A FIGHT THAT STARTED BC SOMEONE USED YOUR OVERUSED “Viewer erection advised” and you didn’t give them “permission” and you lost it, completely lost it. (

MY DEAR SWEET AMANDA, YOU SEEM VERY PISSED SOMEONE TOOK YOUR WORDS without your permission….AND BLOGGED THEM (in case you didn’t know, twitter is a mini blog)

There is difference between slander and a bitch rolling out the facts backed up by links.”



“Business Ethics”? You don’t have any what so ever and should just shut the hell up, right “fucker”? You must think every camgirl reading your comments are idiots not to know who you are. You really took it so personally that Streamate was the most mentioned on Amanda’s blog and what’s with all the anger and hatred? You rushed into Stripperweb forums, after reading her blog which you visit very often, to start the attacks on her with what ever venom you could spit out. So Amanda’s blog has more traffic than the Stripperweb forums has coming to it, that it was so important for you to try to spin the facts of her blog to suit your agenda with the other girls. You weren’t quoted but that didn’t matter, it was your chance to try and slander Amanda more. You claimed the last time, how Streamate should have close her account earlier as it was too late, the damage was already done. Really, to who you or Streamate? So Amanda has so much power that she can get Google Inc. to block ICF Technology Inc’s whitelabels in their search engines, get Plenty of Fish to sue FCI Inc. et Al for computer fraud and singlehandedly make their traffic drop-off by 60% then another 50% after she is gone from their sites. No, Streamate got caught and shown for who they are just like you.

  I see you have just as much respect for the camgirls by referring to them as “whores” as you do with calling customers “morons” and “pervs”. Right Catherine Tayler, Peyras (wow, that’s hard to figure out) or St.Louis like the Amanda36c trademark has you listed as. Careful, you keep showing your true colours and no tattoo can cover that!


“That’s not the point and you know it. You took the quotes to back up your issues you have with Streamate. If you had posted it because you actually cared about other performers that would be a different story. You are also the last person that should be talking about harassment and slander. You do a fair share of that yourself, grow up and move on already. You have always had a lack of respect for fellow cam performers and that’s why when you post on here you get the responses you get.”



Look up the definition of slander and harassment before accusing Amanda of doing it. You’re making absolute false statements that she does this to other camgirls on Twitter.  You are a liar. Check her Twitter timeline. Go as far back as you can. You will find no such thing. Then you claim she has a man doing it on Twitter as well. You had better not be speaking about me because I never harassed a camgirl. I went after the scumbags that attacked her on twitter as well as Streamate and of course, their cowardly marketing director, Christophe Peyras.

If someone attacks Amanda, she has the right to stand up to them and defend herself. The facts and truth were presented by Amanda for all to read and decide for themselves what really happened in that argument with Catherine Tayler. For the last three years, I have witnessed first hand the nightly harassment that Amanda has had to endure on Streamate but also all the other platforms she works on. She reported it to Streamate but nothing happened and Boday denies it and has Peyras delete the tweets and change the account @StreamatePage3. Then to find out it was actually Streamate themselves involved. “Grow up and move on” is what you say to her. So she should let them get away with it while they continue to do it to other camgirls. I think it is you that doesn’t give a shit or respect other camgirls, not Amanda.

She does care about other performers, that’s why she set up and gets less then 5% off the girls Skype shows after all processing fees are taken by Zombaio. Also she speaks out about the games and bullshit that both Ifriends and Streamate are playing with your traffic and earnings along with the theft. She caught them both at it and made it public. WOW! How dare she tell camgirls to beware of them while risking financial losses to her own business. If you actually took your head out of your ass for a minute and informed yourself by reading what she wrote and the proof attached you would shut your mouth. Just try for once walking a simple block in her shoes! You would have cried and ran off long ago.


“Yes, she publicly revealed the legal names of at least two people in the industry (for anyone new to the forum or missed previous threads), so your safety is at risk with this person as the ladies mentioned above. I could stop there. I probably should. Yes….I will. :)”


@ Via Flaminia

You are right. You should have stopped before you even started. You might want to read who actually put out the information which happened to already be out in the public for all to see. ElliotNess was just pointing out who was attacking Amanda for all to see the conflict of interest by Streamate towards all of your businesses. The Peyrases have zero scruples are the ones not to go into business with. They own recruitement agencies that cut cam girl commissions on Streamate and make claims of helping girls to get more traffic. Why shouldn’t all the Streamate performers know what is really going on and that Catherine Tayler is married to an insider of the company? The performers are not employees but actual independent subcontractors and are owed that information prior to signing a contract with Streamate. They could then choose to work elsewhere or stay but it is their choice. Like Amanda said, “trust no one” in business.



“yeah, I agree. amanda, you will either choose to respect the members of this community or not, no one in this thread is attempting to force you to respect our space. I don’t think most of us wish our community to be drawn into your (very public) fights so as far as I’m concerned this sidetrack here is ending here. you’ve caused enough disruption already, it’s ending now.”


@loveshooks (Stripperweb forum ‘moderator’)

You are the moderator and should never allow insults in a public forum. This is never tolerated in any other forums so why in Stripperweb’s forums? Posters may argue points but never personally attack, insult or verbally belittle each other. You also can be held liable for your non-actions concerning attacks and insults if proven to be libelous or defamatory in nature. These false statements made by posters could cause legal issues for Stripperweb forums as well as the attackers and yourself . You have failed to act properly before concerning insults and lies made against Amanda in the past in these forums, so I am not surprised with your actions this time. You also tried to tell Amanda to respect the members of your forum but you allow others to disrespect her. Then you blame her for causing the disruption when it was Temptingmodel who started the whole affair. Remember, no one has even come forward to ask Amanda to remove their quote from her blog. Your agenda is pretty clear to me and who really controls your forums. Govern yourself appropriately!

The rest of you camgirls can read for yourselves and make up your own minds! I am sure you are smart enough to see there is an agenda behind all the hateful posts.