You Never Stop Learning

My shift got off to a rather slow start. Sometimes, it’s hard to get them chatting, so I’m constantly having to change my approach when striking up a conversation in this room full of non-chatters. A small percentage actually use the chat; the rest just watch in amazement, only to return in about a month to tell mehow they have enjoyed it. The strong, silent type, I’m sure. The real challenge is to get them to understand that while they are not alone with me in the room, I am still able to give them my full, somewhat divided, attention.

A member typed: “Sorry – but the Habs sucked” and my first thought was “well, isn’t that a nice greeting?” and as I was thinking of a good retort, he beat me to the keyboard with “not as bad as my rangers. we got swept, you didnt LOL”. My retort, suddenly didn’t seem so important. So, I let it go. Then he wrote: “im only foolin”, which caused a great deal of confusion for me, as I, up until this moment was taking him deadly serious. When you talk hockey with a canadian, it’s a serious topic and everything said is taken in the highest regard.  It’s a religion in some cities. Certainly is in the city I’m from!

They say you never stop learning. I guess that’s true because tonight, never having known this before in my 42 years on this planet, I learned the term “size queen”. Someone in my chatroom asked if I was one. I can only imagine the puzzled look on my face as I read that, trying frantically to figure out what it was before someone had to tell me (with a “LOL” at the end, to indicate that I should have known this)! Needless to say, my true colours showed and everyone got a giggle from that. A “size queen” is someone who only cares about size (and no, not shoes or IQs). I acted cool about it because I’m a bit of a relic, admittedly, and I can’t possibly be expected to know everything there is to know about today’s hip, far out, way cool expressions! 😉 Besides, I’m a pretty good subject-changer when I want to be. I can also tangent with them best of ’em, so this stuff never sticks anyhow.

I’m getting a reputation now as the “hockey chick” on Streamate. I’m cool with that.