Fear – Revisited

In a previous blog entry, intended to shed light on a side  of the industry that governs itself, that somehow extends its tentacles beyond legal limits, I profiled some of the players. That blog entry was (appropriately) titled Fear. I’ve decided to revisit that story (true story, for anyone who cares), to include details of the attitudes and behavior displayed and why, in my opinion, all this is happening, right under everyone’s noses.

I’ve decided to profile the roles of these industry players, to give my readers a better understanding of what is seen from a camgirl’s perspective.

The Camgirl: offers visual sexual favors, to customers in  a fee-based environment online. She gets naked on cam, for  money.

Here are a couple of examples of those fears:

  •  Being recognized by a family member or friend. Since the member sees her but she doesn’t see them (only their chosen handle), she has no way of knowing, until it is too late, that they have even spotted her there. This is the risk we run, and we are all fully aware of that.
  • Speaking out against the industry or a specific site she works on, resulting in a loss of traffic. Having her placement slide from the prominent, high-trafficked area she was on, to a lesser prominent area of the site, affects her revenue-generating potential which could be the difference between a $1,500.00 paycheck and a $300.00 one.

With the fear that the site fixes her placement or directs traffic away from her, she doesn’t dare speak out.

Social networking platforms (such as Twitter  and Facebook, for example), blogs (like WordPress and  Blogspot) as well as industry-related message forums, are  the ideal virtual settings for industry workers to discuss  business and market themselves. The latter is where the  inner workings happen and lines are drawn, standards are  created and the unwritten rules are made known.

Within this small community exists the presence of a  controlling entity, whose goal is to determine the general  mindset of the camgirls and incorporate that into schemes  to gain control over the girls. For example, a website  owner will pose as a camgirl in one of the industry  forums, in order to befriend the other girls and gain  their confidence/trust. Once this is accomplished, they  begin to gain control of the industry. The more power you  have over the way people think, the easier it is to  influence them to go work on one of the many websites you  have. Imagine what you could do if you had the power to  influence people into thinking how you wanted them to  think? Imagine if just by doing that, gained you a  stronghold on the industry, by having that many people in  your corner, doing exactly what you want them to do?  Signing up to the exact sites that they want you to sign  up to?

One type of scheme involves offering ‘friendly advice’ to  the girls. Their camgirl advice, however, makes no sense  whatsoever and looks to benefit only the website itself. I  was given ‘advice’ (albeit, not in a very friendly tone  either), to “not look at my stats or my placement on the  site.” while working. I don’t believe this to be coming  from the site I am working on, rather a site that is  trying to instill a certain mindset in those forums, which  would apply to all of the websites in general, including  the many that they themselves own.

It seems one particular entity seeks to convince girls  that checking their earnings or their placement while  working would affect their ‘online mood’.

They are almost meticulously careful in their posts, not  to disrupt how the industry is represented, as well as  being sure not to allow any leakage out into general  social media platforms (or anywhere public), the code of  conduct in which these companies operate by. It’s easy to  see how a multi-billion dollar industry, such as this one,  takes  an active stand in maintaning control and they,  like all other companies, take precautionary measures to  ensure noone gets out of line or leaks anything  detrimental to their ‘business’ functions, out in the  mainstream.

Brainwashing is a common occurrence, especially within  the confines of smaller communities where control can be  exerted through indirect threats, the threat of exposing  whatever they perceive to be even minor vulnerabilities  and praying on those vulnerabilities. They also tend to use scare tactics, again, which work really well in collaboration  with these known vulnerabilities. This behavior is common  within industry message board forums and on message boards  of the sex sites themselves. This bullying, controlling,  aggressive behavior is more often found within the reaches  of smaller, more intimate circles, never in large, social  networks. In a community setting that is supposedly  camgirls only, is where they plan, scheme, befriend, all  to control what other girls in the industry do, think, how  they conduct themselves, what they do and don’t do in  their rooms, where they work and how much and where they  rant, down to every last detail. I have never seen this on  any other message boards on the internet and not in any  other industry. Private corners of the internet, where a  camgirl might feel she is safe from the prying eyes of  these websites, where she thinks she can vent and let out  her frustrations from work (like any normal person might  want to do), is where they are watching the closest and  subsequently, where the brainwashing and bullying is most  prevalent. The following are screenshots taken from an actual industry message board forum, where the person admittedly entered my chatroom, engaging in a type of group harrassment. Though they claim to have been there to “help” (I guess that’s how they describe their role in this), their demeanor, actions and even words, proved them a complete liar. Everything she wrote in that was a complete lie. Absolutely fabricated. Every word of it. A few of the other girls in the forums saw through the game and called her out. The first:

The second:

The third:

She must have felt the need to defend herself, perhaps realizing her words were too harsh the first time. So, she went ahead and responded, this time, with less aggression and anger but stunk of a blatent attempt to make it appear to anyone reading this (Streamate, perhaps?) that I so easily turn members away. Again, complete fabrication. Bullshit. Every word of it.


Those are just some examples of the fear that they try to instill in us. Who is doing it really and why? That’s the question. I may very well have the answer.


In conjunction with a planned scheme, the fear factor ensures the plan will work, with little to no interference. What if I told you that millions, perhaps even billions of dollars were at stake? Would you deem this to be worth someone’s time and energy then?