When Noone Calls "Bullshit"!

How can Mr. Lawley keep a straight face while making the claim that he has “no current or historic links to the adult industry in any form” as stated in this Wiki article,  http://icannwiki.com/index.php?title=Stuart_Lawley ?

I call “bullshit”!  

 Two of the attorneys representing Lawley’s cashcow, ICM Registry, sit on the IFFOR; Sheri L Falco, legal councel for ICM, as well as Andrew H Kayton, legal counsel for Webpower Inc./iFriends (a company whose roots were established in 1995 and the doors for their adult entertainment pioneer model, amateur sector, went live in 1998).  Poor Mister Lawley had no idea he was in bed with one of the pioneers of the industry, when he chose to promote (at Times Square with a billboard of their very own) this company! No links to the adult industry though. I suppose he can also plead innocent when it comes to not knowing about all the reports against this company they’ve chosen to give the first .XXX to! http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/ifriends.aspx Imagine 4 million members (a fraction of the actual members they have on file from their sex site over the last 16 years), charged $6.95/monthly? That’s $27,800,000.00 a month! Annually, that’s 333,600,000.00!!!!!!!!!!  Three hundred and thirty-three million dollars off of the monthly billing of 4m credit cards. That’s serious buck. It helps people to overlook when the billing is in small increments and the billing name is periodically changed. 😉 Makes me think there’s a mastermind behind this. Sounds crazy? You think? Look at it. I’m just pointing out what I see.

Come on now! Just because ICM Registry happen to be lawyered up with the same dream team that somehow have managed to keep that Webpower Inc./iFriends company afloat, despite the 424 reports against them, doesn’t mean that ICM isn’t to be trusted. Just because those lawyers are on the board which makes the policies for ICM Registry and the XXX domains, doesn’t mean there will be any frauds/biases/untruths/ripoffs going on.  We can trust them. Just because Manwin (one of the largest, if not THE largest player in the industry) has decided to file a federal antitrust lawsuit against ICM, doesn’t make them guilty (after all, aren’t we innocent until proven guilty?). Part of the article reads:

“The suit filed in the Central District of California, alleges monopolistic conduct, price gouging, and anti-competitive and unfair practices. Specifically, the plaintiffs allege that defendant ICM manipulated and intimidated ICANN into entering into an agreement which resulted in a monopoly by: naming ICM as the sole registrar for the .XXX TLD; agreeing to a prohibition on the creation of any competing TLDs for the adult industries; and, granting ICM control of pricing without any oversight by ICANN. As a result, the plaintiffs argue that ICM now maintains a monopoly over the sole adult-oriented TLD.

The plaintiffs complaint also alleges that ICM has already engaged in monopolistic and anticompetitive acts by charging prices considerably higher than those charged in competitive markets for similar TLD services. In some instances, plaintiffs allege that ICM is charging ten times more for their .XXX registration services than comparable registration services relating to other TLDs”

Has this whole world gone to hell? Out to lunch? Is the radiation from cell phones killing our brain cells so much that we can’t think for ourselves enough to want to take a stand against companies like this whose sole mission is to profit off the complacency of the general public with their borderline-legal business tactics? As long as people in power continue to turn a blind eye to these things, companies will thrive off the support they are getting from the silence which allows them to get away with it.

Think about it!