Not Your Typical Stalker

They enter my room every night, so seeing them there last night was no surprise. I’m still trying to understand how my stalker justifies their decision to devote so much time, out of every day, to this game they’re playing with me? Is their intent to drive me off the site? Make me crazy? None of which are working. What is it that this person wants from me? I’m trying hard to wrap my mind around why someone would even bother wasting their time for an entire year, with seemingly nothing to gain. I never sign out my session because of it. By now, clearly, they have this figured out. I’m not letting them get to me. They must know this by now, too. In fact, all I do is hit the block button, over and over with each rude insult they fling my way. Yet, on they press. Day after day, shift after shift. Really, who has this kind of time on their hands to be present in my room every minute that I am online? Watching my every move. To enter my room just after I sign on, every night, like clockwork, no matter what time I sign on, as I often sign on at different times. This is someone who sits in front of their computer in these wee hours of the morning, like a rat, waiting for the opportune moment to play their childish game before leaping out as I wind up to hit the block button again. It never fails. They come in every single shift I work. This is obviously someone with a whole lot of time on their hands and one big axe to grind. If I had done anything to upset this person so much, then why wouldn’t they have confronted me about it long ago? It isn’t about the money, it’s about the game. But was it ever about the money? At one time, my guess is … it was. With money now out of the equation, what do they plan to do once their objective is met?


Footnote to stalker: Appearances are a funny thing, but you can’t fool me. The only thing clean here is the dry-cleaned shirt you wear to the golf course.